Xuchang Dihao successfully develops new cigarette packaging materials - transfer foil

Recently, as the first batch of “big harvest” cigarettes went offline smoothly at the Xuchang Cigarette Factory, the first transfer of aluminum foil for the first batch of cigarettes was also announced. The single-head transfer aluminum foil developed by Xuchang Dihao Industrial Co., Ltd. is a new type of cigarette packaging material that integrates application, economy, and environmental protection. It is a cigarette-based liner paper that replaces all adhesive aluminum foil with a partial spray of aluminum and uses a transfer film. The backing paper is adhered, aluminum foil sprayed on the transfer film is transferred to the backing paper after drying, and the aluminum foil formed by the transfer film is peeled off. It is estimated that the use of single-head transfer aluminum foil costs about 4000 yuan per ton compared to the use of conventional rolled composite lead foil. Abstract

Reproduced from: China Paper

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