Winter skin care moisturizing hydration bears the brunt

The cold and chilly winter always makes our skin suffer, and all kinds of skin problems are followed by dry peeling, and it is easy to form high altitude red under the stimulation of cold wind. So what should we do in winter skin care ? What type of skin care products should I use?

Getting up in the morning is the key to moisturizing and hydrating skin

Getting up in the morning is the key to moisturizing and hydrating skin

In the morning, because the skin is very dry, it is necessary to moisturize the skin in time, which can alleviate the dryness of the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to first clean the skin to ensure that the skin is fresh and clean, which is beneficial to the absorption of moisturizing skin care products. This is followed by a more important step – injecting water into the skin. It is best to apply a moisturizing lotion to your skin to form a natural barrier to the skin to prevent moisture loss.

Every office lady needs to pay attention to the fact that often facing the computer will make your own skin become a computer muscle. Because computer radiation and dust have the most direct and biggest impact on the skin, it is water shortage, pore blockage, etc., which can easily affect the skin. Therefore, it is necessary for all white-collar workers to take some time in the process of using the computer, to carry out some simple moisturizing mask or toner, massage to relieve fatigue.

Food supplements can of course be one of the important ways to save the skin from thirst. Perhaps only inside and outside can really have a good skin. On weekdays, you can eat more fruits, supplement rich vitamins, and also have a whitening effect. In work or life, it is recommended to focus on herbal tea, because many herbal teas contain beauty and moisturizing effects. And remember not to drink coffee, in order to help your skin hydrate.

Bathing in this season must pay attention to the water temperature can not be too high, because it is not conducive to the skin's moisturizing, but it is easy to cause some skin problems. And it should be noted that after the bath, you must make timely hydration, do not let the skin in a dehydrated state. It is important to know that the amount of dehydration of the skin for bathing can be said to be very large, and it is necessary to supplement this gap of water loss in time.

Different skin types to regulate and solve the problem of dry skin

Different skin types to regulate and solve dry skin problems

Each skin type has different characteristics and attributes of each skin type, so it is necessary for each of the skinbrows to properly control according to their different skin types to solve the problem of dry skin.

The key to dry skin is anti-aging. It is recommended to choose anti-oxidant moisturizing and flexible facial cleanser. And a highly moisturizing lotion to keep your skin firm and moisturized to prevent dry lines.

The key to oily skin is to focus on cleansing. It is recommended to choose a strong cleansing lotion, thoroughly cleanse the skin, let the skin care products absorb better, and keep the skin moist.

The key to neutral skin is daily maintenance. It is recommended to use normal life and facial cleanser, moisturizing toner and other products.

The key to mixed skin is the maintenance of the partition. It is recommended to use a skin care product that has a high degree of fitness for the skin. It is possible to suppress the formation of oil as much as possible, and to add moisture to the dry part.

The key to sensitive skin is caution. It is recommended to choose moisturizing skin care products to choose moisturizing products with low irritation and moisturizing products designed for sensitive muscles. >>>Four foods restore white skin in winter

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