Whitening has secret recipes to help you create fair skin

Have you been chanting whitening? Try a variety of whitening methods, don't overlook the whitening food ring. Good food, not only delicious, but also help you to create white skin, let's try it.

Whitening food

First, grilled squid Whitening speciality: the meat is delicious and smooth, the squid is rich in high-quality protein, providing energy for healthy skin. While helping us purify the body and brighten the skin, it can also eliminate waste in the blood, improve the metabolism of the skin, and lay a natural material foundation for us to maintain skin health.
Ingredients: squid, bread crumbs, parsley, butter, lemon zest, fennel, potatoes, tomatoes
1. First fry the squid until it is cooked.
2. Cut the parsley into minced meat, then add the butter and lemon zest, season with some salt, and stir with the bread crumbs.
3. Place the beaten bread on the fried squid and bake until cooked. This will make the fish more crispy.
4. Place the fennel slices on the bottom of the pan and place the squid on the fennel.
5. Peel the potatoes and cook them into mashed potatoes and place them next to the squid as a decoration. Then diced the tomato into the mashed potatoes as an embellishment.
6. Finally, you can add some olive oil and black pepper.
Second, pan-fried salmon Whitening speciality: Salmon meat is tender, bright color, smooth taste, and contains unique fatty acids, can stimulate the nerves, repair damaged cells, make the subcutaneous muscles contract and tighten. Rich protein can change facial wrinkles and sagging skin, leaving skin rejuvenated at any time and place!
Ingredients: 180 grams of salmon, some spinach and green lentils, white asparagus, tomato, ham.
1. Marinate the salmon with salt and black pepper, fry the salmon until it is cooked, then bake the salmon with ham slices.
2. Green lentils and spinach are cooked and stir-fried with salt and olive oil.
3. Place the fried green lentils in the center of the plate and place the prepared salmon on the lentils.
4. The fried spinach can be placed in a small group and placed next to the salmon as a decoration.
5. Finally, put the white asparagus on the side of the salmon, sprinkle with the original yogurt, or sprinkle some salt to add salt to the summer.
Third, raw pear salad Whitening expertise: When the blue cheese meets the raw pear, this pair of perfect combination will bring you surprises. Blue cheese contains a unique casein that not only whitens skin, but also whitens teeth. Once the pear is paired with the blue cheese, it will not only let you experience the whitening process, but also make you feel cool.
Ingredients: raw pear, curly lettuce, one small tomato, fine blue cheese, a little lemon juice
1. Peel the raw pear and cut it into a tooth of uniform size.
2. Cut the fine blue cheese into triangles and cut the small tomatoes.
3. Put the cut material into the salad bowl and add the curly lettuce. According to your taste, add lemon juice and olive oil, then add some salt and black pepper.
4. Stir evenly to complete a delicious and delicious salad.
4. Scallop Salad Whitening Speciality: After eating shellfish, we will have a refreshing and pleasant feeling. The scallops, which are rich in vitamins and protein, make the skin more shiny, and purify the skin from the inside, conditioning the body's whitening function, and improving the body's whitening index.
Ingredients: four fresh scallops, curly lettuce, some small tomatoes, sweet pepper salsa.
1. Spread the fresh scallops evenly, sprinkle with some black pepper and sauté in a frying pan.
2. Fresh small tomatoes are sliced ​​and placed evenly in the center of the plate as the bottom of the dish.
3. The fried scallops are neatly discharged on the small tomato slices, and are decorated with the leaves of the cabbage lettuce, which are placed on the four scallops.
4. Wait until the leaves are placed, and savour the sweet pepper salsa on the plate, which not only enhances the taste, but also increases the beauty of the silk.
5. Crab Meat Salad Whitening Specialty: Grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and P. Vitamin P not only prevents vitamin C from being damaged by oxidation, but also strengthens the capillary wall and avoids the hot redness.
Ingredients: a few crab meat, a little grapefruit and orange petals, a steel ring, a little avocado
1. Marinate the crab meat for a few minutes with salt and black pepper. Add a few drops of olive oil to make the crab meat taste more delicious.
2. Peel the grapefruit flap and the orange flap, then stack the orange, grapefruit and marinated crab meat layer by layer in the steel ring.
3. Wait until all the material is securely fastened in the steel ring and pour it on the plate.
4. Add avocado as an embellishment on the prepared crabmeat salad. Finally, add some olive oil to make the salad more aromatic.

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