What should be paid attention to when using cardboard

(1) Paper used to make hardcover (or paperback) envelopes Light, loose, flat gray cardboard, according to standard requirements

(2) The moisture content in the board should be maintained at about 8%, up to no more than 12%.

(3) Cardboards with shorter production (or purchase) time should be stored before being used, and should generally be more than half a year old. Because the newly-manufactured paperboard has large flexibility and poor flexibility, it is easily deformed after cutting, and after a certain period of time according to the correct storage method, the paperboard can be made flat and tidy and easy to process.

(4) The storage conditions and methods of the cardboard are the same as those of the paper, but the normal and balanced water content of the upper and lower cardboard piles should be taken into account when the library is down. The use of the cards is not affected.

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