What are the characteristics of master latex paint?

Latex paint has become the best choice for many home renovations, not only because it is environmentally friendly, but also convenient for construction. There are many brands of latex paint on the market. What brand of latex paint is better? Today, let ’s take a look at how the master latex paint works , and see if it is worth our purchase?

Master latex paint brand profile

American Master Paint is a well-known architectural coatings brand of PPG Industrial Group and the top architectural coatings brand in the Chinese market. It integrates the company's advanced technologies and innovations in the fields of automotive, aerospace and industrial coatings. position. As a well-known latex paint brand, American Master Paint has continuously brought new products of international quality to China, and launched high-quality and environmentally friendly wood lacquer products to bring the perfect quality of life to Chinese consumer families. At the same time, American master paint products have also been selected by many well-known domestic buildings.

Master latex paint types

(MASTER'S MARKTM) latex paint is a full range of architectural decoration paints produced by PPG. The main components include pigments, synthetic resins, solvents and special additives. There are nearly a hundred different varieties of products, which are mainly used in the interior and exterior walls of buildings Surface, including inner wall, outer wall, wood and metal products.

How about master latex paint

1. The 100% green environmental protection paint product is non-toxic, and its quality has passed the American Federal Medical Association (FDA) food industry safety quality certification, and has reached the first-class product index of China's national standard GB / T9756-1995, which is a true green environmental protection paint.

2. The product is produced in the United States, has good anti-acid, anti-static, anti-stain, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mold and flame retardant properties, high coverage, good breathability, strong adhesion, not easy to peel, different models of products The endurance period is divided into 10 years, 15 years and 30 years.

3. Ten thousand kinds of color products are rich in color, using the professional coloring system and universal color paste imported from the United States, there are more than ten thousand colors available for on-site color matching; the same series of products have a variety of glosses to choose from, such as interior wall points For: matte, eggshell light, medium light and high light.

4. Simple construction. The product has good leveling property and can be used without adding any thinner. Adopt PPG special roller or spraying operation, no brush marks, simple construction. After using the paint, the wall feels delicate and smooth, and it is easier to clean. In 2000, the master brand latex paint sales in the Chinese market reached 3,000 tons, with a market share of 45%.

5. The master latex paint has uniform color and strong covering power.

The above is a general introduction to the master latex paint . I hope to help you. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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