Top biologist created by accident

During this period, he aspired to become a biologist, hoping to study this animal together with a professor specializing in amphibian behavior research at his university. Unfortunately, the professor later died in a car accident. For a novice like Machado, it is important to have a mentor to provide guidance. It is a pity that only Machado ’s university is engaged in amphibians research.

For biologists who are engaged in the study of animal habits in the wild, the animals they study may become their lifelong companions. Machado's "first love" was a tortoise, but soon gave up research on this animal, because there are no tortoises in his vicinity. With the death of the professor, his dream of studying amphibians also fell into disappointment. Later, a friend who also studied biology reminded him that his real interest was studying the habits of animals, not specific animals. From this friend's mouth, he learned of a cave with many arachnids, but few have been studied, including spiders, ticks, mites and other arachnids. Friends told him that these animals have a variety of habits and behaviors and are easy to observe and study. In this cave, the most curious animal is the blind spider.

Machado is now the head of the Arthropod Behavior and Evolution Laboratory at the University of Sao Paulo. He recently recalled that he had never heard of the blind spider population at that time, but this also aroused his curiosity and decided to explore the cave. After actually entering this cave, he was in trouble. He said: "I have a bit of spider phobia, but only a little. The spider in the hole is surprisingly large." Machado was hesitant for a while, but the strange blind spider attracted his attention, prompting him to go on.

According to his observations, some blind spiders gathered together, others guarded their eggs. He said: "They are a group of surprising animals." At that time, he carried out research on this spider for up to 3 months and had a lot of information. Using this information, he persuaded an ant expert at the university to be his mentor and also published his first scientific research paper. In addition, he also found a career for which he could devote his life's efforts. Machado said: "This result is completely beyond my expectations."

Fifteen years later, now Machado has become one of the most famous experts in blind spider research in the world. In June, he attended the annual meeting of the American Society for Animal Behavior to explain the findings of his and his colleagues. According to their research, in some blind spider populations, the number of male spiders responsible for guarding their nests and eggs is extremely large, because male spiders who perform these duties can attract more female spiders and have more opportunities for mating. The research conducted by Machado and colleagues in the laboratory has attracted other scientists' attention to the once neglected spider population of blind spiders.

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