The use of water-based ink printing corrugated paper tips

Water-based inks have been used in the printing of corrugated paper for a long period of time abroad and have been used in China for more than 20 years. Corrugated paper printing is printed by flexographic (embossing), offset (flat printing), and rubber-based water washable printing, and it has become the printing of today's flexible letterpress water-based inks. Flexographic Waterborne Ink also evolved from the rosin-maleic acid modified tree finger series (low grade) to the acrylic resin series (high grade). Printing plates also transition from rubber plates to resin plates. Printing presses have also evolved from big-barrel monochrome or dual-color machines to three- or four-color ELEXO machines. The mesh wheel is also gradually developed from a 150-200 mesh metal roller to a 180-250 mesh ceramic roller. With the ever-changing printing technology, the use of water-based ink technology is very important. Before we discuss the use of water-based ink, we first need to understand the characteristics of water-based ink and the relationship between the various factors and the impact of printing, such as plate material factors, paper factors, mesh wheel factors, mechanical factors, ink, operator factors Factors and so on.

1. Characteristics of water-based ink for corrugated printing

Water-based ink can be divided into two categories: 1 Rosin-maleic acid modified resin series (low-grade); 2 acrylic resin (high-grade).

2. Requirements for water-based inks

1 After long-term storage of sedimentation, it should be easy to redisperse after stirring; 2 have good flow properties and viscosity; 3 have good storage stability; 4 drying performance should be fast and appropriate; 5 can not have the printing plate and printing machine Any adverse effects; 6 can not have too much pungent odor.

3. Water-based ink technical parameters

1 Color: Approximate to the Standard Edition (Note: The color development of the manual color wheel is similar to that of the standard sample); 2 Fineness: Less than 20um, Instrument: 0 to 50um Scrape Fineness Meter; 3 Viscosity : 20±5s, instrument: RIGOSHA4# cup (25°C); 4PH value: 8.0~9.5 Instrument: Portable PH meter (PHB-2); 5 Heavy metal content: in line with the world packaging green environmental protection standard; 6 patience: conforming Claim.

4. The correct use of water-based ink

1Before use, it must be fully stirred to keep the ink composition even; 2 After opening and use, the ink should be stamped and sealed immediately to prevent dust from falling and crusting. 3 More ink, such as impurities, should be filtered first, and then equipped with new ink. Use together; 4 During storage, please avoid close to high temperature or sun exposure, under normal conditions are stored for one year without deterioration; 5 if the viscosity of the application of ink is found to be slightly larger, you can add appropriate amount of water for adjustment. â—Ž

Source: 21st Century Fine Chemicals Network

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