The traditional style of packaging design ideas (2)

Third, the traditional creative thinking of packaging design

Industrial Design Since the era of Bauhaus, one of the most important results has been the combination of art and technology, designing “beauty” for the lives of the general public, that is, all the results of industrial design can be accepted and enjoyed by the general public. Therefore, researching the “vocabulary” of ideas that consumers can accept is one of the main tasks of the majority of our packaging designers. The so-called traditional style of packaging design is to attract people with traditional cultural materials with a high cultural taste and a high degree of aesthetic sense. Through meticulous design, it is designed to convey product information to consumers and promote sales. The creative "vocabulary" of consumer services.

The traditional packaging design is not only the simple use of traditional forms, but more importantly, it reflects the broad spiritual outlook of the Chinese nation and the excellent culture of the self-supporting ethnic groups. At the same time, it can well adapt to the vast majority of consumers in China. Thousands of years of China's inherited aesthetic ideas and aesthetic consciousness.

Based on the above explanation, when we started the traditional style of packaging design, we should focus on the traditional product, the packaged object, and fully exploit the traditional cultural elements associated with it to carry out creative ideas. The traditional cultural elements referred to here refer to the specific forms of traditional culture, such as traditional Chinese calligraphy (a variety of styles including calligraphy, cursive, official script, and regular script); Chinese paintings (different styles of brushwork, freehand brushwork, and ink paintings); New Year Pictures (such as Tianjin Yangliu Youth Paintings, Suzhou Taohuawu New Year Paintings, etc.); prints; sculptures (wood carvings, bamboo carvings, brick carvings, tile carvings, jade carvings, etc.); paper-cut arts of different styles; lacquer paintings, lacquer paintings; batik, tie-dyeing Art; Embroidery and more. We can generally consider the selection of traditional cultural elements from the following two aspects.

1. Consider the use of packaging materials, packaging modeling and structure.

The packaging materials are mainly made from nature's natural products such as bamboo, wood, rattan, hemp, shells, gourds, coriander, reed leaves, tea, and so on, and are designed to produce packages with a back-to-basic mood and local characteristics. In the form and structure of packaging, we can draw lessons from the traditional construction, transportation, furniture, daily necessities, entertainment products, stationery, sporting goods, religion, and other articles that have artistic value and appreciation value, and are more suitable for the packaged objects or Packaged objects have more closely linked feature features. The design should pay attention to the beauty, uniqueness, exquisiteness, scientific structure and firmness of the structure.

2. Consider the form of decoration

Since ancient times, all kinds of traditional visual art forms have been related to Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting, sculpture, paper cutting, embroidery and other arts and crafts such as drama, costumes, masks and props, weapons, architecture, furniture, and daily necessities. Patterns and colors of decorative patterns for textiles, textiles, and other items, as well as illustrations, books, printing, and binding formats for content scenes in classical texts, folk traditions, mythological stories, etc., as long as they are closely related to the contents being packaged. Linkage, and the use of reasonable and appropriate, can be used as a means to reflect the traditional style.

Fourth, traditional style and present-day sense

The era in which we are today has entered the era of highly-developed microelectronics and high-capacity information technology. Many things and things that we thought were impossible in the past have become a reality in modern times, especially since China adopted a policy of reform and opening up to the outside world. Many advanced cultures and technologies in the world have been introduced into China and gradually used by China and China. The outstanding traditional cultures of the nation have been merged together and gradually formed the cultural conditions in this new period of our country. This is the inevitable result of history. The ideological consciousness for seeking new and beautiful ideas is shared by mankind, and it has thus been able to promote the continuous progress of society. Only in line with the pulse and rhythm of the times, innovation, traditional style packaging design will have infinite vitality and new artistic conception, in order to be accepted by contemporary people.

The packaging design of the traditional style of the conference, how to reflect the current sense of the times, can generally be considered from the following aspects:

1. Consider the design and graphics design.

Different from the traditional compositional forms, such as balanced, scattered and interspersed styles with concentrated corners, splitting styles, dense contrasts, and inspirational moods, etc., with a modern style of composition, can be more clearly presented to consumers. To convey today's sense of the times.

2. Consider the layout of the design institute.

Use more modern text formatting, such as Qibian, Qi axis, oblique row, grass row, multi-row grass row, image, insert, step, gradual, cross-style layout , can reflect today's sense of the times.

3. Consider the design of the font

The text on the packaging can use modern fonts, such as New Songs, New Hessian, Comprehensive Body, Amber Body, New Wei Body, and various variant art characters designed by oneself. You can also use various fonts in foreign language or Pinyin. To reflect today’s modernity.

4. Consider the structure and shape of the packaging.

The structure of the package can adopt modern structures such as portable, sister, display, modular, rotary, easy-open, analog, heterogeneous, and pop-POP.

5. Consider the use of performance techniques.

Such techniques as color or black-and-white photography using various performance techniques, high-tech computer production, and imitation of natural forms can easily reflect today’s modernity.

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