The tenant’s rent owed disappeared and the owner’s furniture was gone.

The newspaper Liaocheng May 24 (Reporter Jiao Shouguang) Ms. Wei, who lives in Liaochengguan County , rented the house to several young people . The result was not only owed a month's rent, but also the keys and the furniture in the house. .

At the beginning of this year, Ms. Wei rented her own house to three young people. The agreed rent is three months. "One of the young people who surnamed Liu contacted me, usually riding a motorcycle." Ms. Wei said.

At the end of last month, the rent expired, but she has not contacted her tenants, but their luggage is still in the house. However, a few days ago she suddenly noticed that the tenants had disappeared, and the house was also messy. What made Ms. Wei angry was that the tenants had also gone down with her new sofa, new tables and chairs and house keys.

"Be careful to rent a house in the future." Ms. Wei said.

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