The characteristics of fine corrugated paper and its development at home and abroad

Corrugated cardboard according to market demand, its strength, stiffness, cushioning performance can be divided into different specifications, the market is the most common type A, B, C, E and other types. Its excellent performance, very stiff, with high mechanical strength, good pressure resistance, bending, resistance to deformation and maintain the original shape of the ability.

Miniature corrugated cardboard has added new functions on the basis of inheriting the functions of the above ordinary corrugated board. Compared with the same type of traditional fiberboard, micro-corrugated board has the characteristics of saving material, good elasticity, strong cushioning force, shock absorption and so on. For example, G-type corrugated board is 30% to 40% lighter than solid fiber board, and its strength (compared with the same size board) is increased by 30% to 40%, and its weight is only half that of the traditional solid cardboard folding box, which is in the packaging market. , Miniature corrugated paper is very popular, with its unique structure, high-strength seismic performance, exquisite printing, low cost, by the home appliances, food, mobile phones, chemicals, electronic products and other types of users alike.

1 Characteristics of fine corrugated paper

1.1 Good compression resistance

As far as the characteristics of the corrugated board itself are concerned, the micro-corrugated board has a higher compressive strength than a normal solid paper box at the same grammage. Therefore, according to their characteristics, people can combine different types of enamels according to different purposes, and process and manufacture different packaging products to package products of different weights, types, and grades. For users who have higher requirements on the compressive strength of packaging, the use of microwatt packaging is an ideal choice.

For small foods such as ice cream, which need to be frozen, they are easily affected by the external environment and cause shape deformation during transportation. The fine corrugated packaging type has a small size and a large number of corrugated strips per unit area, which improves the pressure resistance of the packaging and has a better protection function for the product. Moreover, in addition to the advantages of high compressive strength, good cushioning properties, and the like, the micro-corrugated packaging also has superior properties such as low temperature resistance and moisture resistance.

1.2 good buffer effect

The use of micro-corrugated cardboard as the inner lining to replace the traditional buffer material, it is not only environmental protection but also can increase the compressive strength, it is an ideal buffer material.

Nowadays, many perfumes, cosmetics, etc. are lined with fine corrugated paper, which not only improves the compressive strength of the package, but also improves the grade of the package. Many digital and small home appliances are lined with micro-corrugated cardboard to replace traditional buffer materials such as EPE and EPS. Due to the selection of a piece of fine corrugated cardboard and the selection of high-strength corrugated base paper, the cost is more economical and environmentally friendly.

1.3 Good printability

In the past, the traditional corrugated corrugated board could only be printed on a gravure machine, and it could not be offset directly as a photo-like high-definition pattern (due to compression deformation will destroy the strength of the board, greatly affect the accuracy and stability of the printing, easily The synchronism caused by cardboard deviation, uneven thickness, and influencing the printing speed results in blurring of the pattern, resulting in great unnecessary waste.The mini-corrugated cardboard can be directly printed on the offset printing machine, and can not only obtain fine patterns, but also can not be printed. Deformation of the corrugated board reduces or destroys the strength of the cardboard, and direct offset printing makes the fine corrugated packaging printing more exquisite and highly displayable.In foreign countries, micro-corrugated packaging has been more directly printed by offset printing, greatly improving the The grade of packaging, with its strong color performance ability, is not allowed to achieve the effect of waterproofing after coating with UV varnish, and the compressive strength of the package has been improved. Therefore, more and more industries have started to use micro-corrugated packaging as Sales packaging, in addition to traditional food, toys, home appliances and other industries use a lot, like crafts, gifts and many other needs of the gift of packaging industry Start using micro-corrugated packaging.

The exquisite printing effect is the reason why many cold drink users insist on using fine corrugated packaging. Products such as Nestle's Moonlight Box and Lu Xue's Melaleuca Snow Ice Cream are all in micro-corrugated packaging. On the one hand, as a sales package, printing is required to be beautiful and beautiful; on the other hand, as an inner package, it is required to be able to withstand low temperatures. At the same time, the micro-corrugated cardboard has better physical properties and better printing adaptability. The box of ice cream with ice cream is printed in color. The pattern is exquisite and bright in color. It embodies strong realistic visual effects, and it captures consumption. The psychology of desire gives us a beautiful enjoyment. The fine corrugated packaging also passed special experiments on friction and pressure resistance in harsh environments by Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd., ensuring that all physical indicators can meet the requirements. At the same time, fine corrugated packaging is beautiful and supports high-quality printing. Some Motorola handsets use seven-color, eight-color offset printing and UV varnish packaging to provide strong color expression.

1.4 Saving costs

With the gradual and standardized development of the logistics industry, for the advantages of high hardness, high strength, light weight, low cost, and ease of printing of micro-corrugated board, E楞 miniature corrugated cardboard has been used to replace the single-layer corrugated boards used in the past, such as B楞 and C楞. Cardboard packaging. The improved packaging can not only meet the requirements for safe transportation of the original product, but also can reasonably reduce the packaging materials and transportation costs each year.

Micro-corrugated cardboard is used to make poster-type corrugated cardboard display racks, which facilitates transportation and saves costs. As the fine corrugated type is smaller, the printability is better and the printing is more exquisite. This is a better choice for display packaging such as poster type corrugated cardboard display racks. In foreign countries, due to the high precision of die cutting of the mechanical equipment itself, in the production of poster type corrugated cardboard display racks, not only corrugated cardboard is used only at the bracket, but also a large number of fine corrugated cardboards such as G楞, N楞, and F楞. Replacing traditional PVC sheets, the entire poster-type corrugated cardboard display rack is lighter in weight, not only convenient for transportation, but also easy to recycle and cheaper.

After Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. used miniature corrugated packaging, the cost of the carton was reduced a lot. Sichuan Changhong has improved the original model in terms of the appearance, mechanical properties, folding performance, inner dimensions, and machine performance of the carton. It changed the previously used A- or 8-inch packages of ultra-thin DVD and other audiovisual products to E. At the same time, through the change of the box design, both the strength of the carton and the cost of the packaging are reduced.

1.5 Reduce the volume

Fine corrugated packaging looks small and exquisite, can attract more consumers. Compared with the same type of traditional fiber cardboard, micro-corrugated cardboard has the characteristics of saving material, good elasticity and strong cushioning force. For example, G-type corrugated board is lighter than 30%-40% of solid fiberboard. It weighs only half as much as a traditional solid cardboard box. The customer can directly pack the inner packaged product into the transport package, eliminating the need for an intermediate package because the miniature corrugated packaging structure is stronger than the traditional folding cartons. "G" and "N" type corrugated paperboards are very small in thickness. Compared with the same grammage of folding paperboard, this type of micro-corrugated paperboard has better stacking strength and shock absorption performance, which means that it can be obtained with less packaging materials. The same protection function, this point is very important for some brands who need to pursue cost effect in the fierce competition.

Some of Kodak (China) Co., Ltd.'s smaller products use E-packs, such as X-ray films. The fine corrugated packaging has high compressive strength and has better protection performance for the product. At the same time, the E-pack can use a lighter raw material to obtain a greater packaging strength. Therefore, the packaging cost is more economical and reasonable. In addition, the small, fine corrugated packaging is an important reason why it is favored by Kodak.

2 Domestic development

China's fine corrugated cardboard is undoubtedly just starting, the key lies in the high technical requirements for the manufacture of miniature corrugated cardboard. Due to the small size of the micro-corrugated file, the corresponding number of turns increases, and the initial force for feeding the corrugation is increased. It is difficult to use traditional corrugated board machines to manufacture the new corrugating roll and the new type of machine. However, China's domestic corrugated paper standard is not uniform, the quality of paper products is uneven, the manufacturer's environment, for the corrugated scientific research level, machine processing technology still needs to be improved, at present, China's small commodities use miniature corrugated box packaging is mainly E楞, corrugated board The board is produced by a traditional guide claw type single-sided machine, and the cavity printing is followed by multiple stations. The front board equipment obviously cannot meet the need for direct printing of the offset printing machine. The corrugated paper box and paper box in the domestic packaging industry are often operated separately. The corrugated paper box factory does not produce paper boxes. The carton factory does not produce corrugated linings, and the front and rear culverts for the production of mini-corrugated cartons do not have a knot table. Faced with the rapid development of foreign micro-corrugated cardboard and the actual needs of China's packaging market, equipment manufacturers should step up the development of fine wadding lines. Improve box-making machinery to promote the development of mini-corrugated boxes. At the same time, the wrong tile box should also be equipped with a corresponding back indentation, die-cutting and sticking box process to ensure that the carton is beautiful and neat, strong and solid. The micro-corrugated paper market in China needs to be developed.

3 Foreign Development

Georgia-Pacific, a professional carton manufacturer in the United States, concluded after several years of investigations on cardboard boxes in the market that there are three problems with the packaging of consumer products: 1) The prices of raw paper for cows' cardboard are high. The processing cost is expensive; 2) The printing of the color bull card board is not bright; 3) The printing of the white board is bright, but the coating effect is not good, and the folding crack is easy to occur. So Georgia-Pacific developed a targeted corrugated corrugator with a height equivalent to the E-type. Since then, smaller F, G, and N-type corrugations have appeared one after another.

Microwatt cartridges are beautifully printed. Lightweight white paper and low weight corrugated paper are used to make corrugated board with a basis weight of 300-500g/m2. Due to the increased lucrative rate of the paper, the weight and thickness of the paperboard are reduced, and the space for transporting and stacking the goods also follows. The main reason is that the miniature corrugated boxes combine the transport and sales packaging into one, and the cost of the secondary packaging is also saved. The paper mills in Europe and the United States have designed lightweight corrugated boxes of 200 g or less for fine carton boxes. paper. Such as Finnish M-Real's Kemiart, Ukrainian StoraEnso's CKB, American VisyLite, Westvaco, StLaurem and IP's white cardboard, etc.; whether coated or white cardboard, corrugated cardboard has a smooth surface and good Ink-printing makes the print color full, clear graphics, and shine dazzling. Miniature corrugated boxes not only bring benefits to carton manufacturers, but also bring new business opportunities to consumer goods manufacturers.

The trend of micro-corrugated cardboard has risen. The United States, Sweden, Germany, Spain and other countries have expanded the production scale of F楞 and G楞, and began to explore the deeper direction of micro-corrugated cardboard. At present, some countries have begun to apply smaller crucible materials such as N楞 (0.46mm in height) and O楞 (0楞30mm in height). In the field of traditional fiber cardboard boxes, such as alcohol, small appliances, footwear, hardware tools, and microelectronics products, micro-corrugated cardboard boxes have begun to compete with traditional thick corrugated cardboard for the market.

In the European market, the demand for cardboard of these materials is estimated to increase by 712 percent per year, and due to the stimulating market of rich visual appeal and lighter weight of substrates, cardboards of this type of material are still rapidly developing. However, important technological developments also play a pivotal role, including finer corrugated type launches (O楞) and improved face sheets. Thanks to the technological innovations of offset press suppliers, micro-corrugated cardboard with several materials can now be printed directly on new or upgraded offset presses. This development has further promoted the development of the micro-corrugated market.

In the next five years, Europe’s demand for fine corrugated paper will increase by an average of 516% per year. According to the same period, the average annual demand of the entire corrugated box top in the European market was only 213%. The cardboard folding cartons market is even lower. The average monthly demand is only maintained at 112%. Therefore, in the next five years, micro-corrugated board will gain 7 billion square meters of growth.

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