Teach you how to choose printing paper (4)

Fourth, drive oil - photo quality inkjet paper

Characteristics of driving oil: The driving oil is an oil between heart and soul oil and active oil. It has the effect of heart and oil to treat colds, nausea, mosquito bites, pruritus, headache and dizziness, but also has daily treatment. The utility of bruises. In a nutshell, it can act as both a safe and an oil player, but it can also act as a vital oil.

Photo-quality inkjet paper, as the name suggests, is a type of paper between inkjet paper and photo printing paper, and this feature is very similar to that of oil-based printers. Photo-quality ink-jet printing paper differs from ordinary ink-jet printing paper in that it coats the surface of paper (ink-jet printing paper) with a porous pigment that absorbs ink, so the surface of the paper forms a good layer. Ink reception layer. However, it is not a photo print paper that is used exclusively for printing photos. Because it is relatively thin, it is also its fatal flaw. When printing photos, there will be a phenomenon of “through the paper” (ink marks through the paper) and it cannot be stored for a long time. This should be taken care not to waste paper. When purchasing, it is best to choose big brands such as Epson, Canon, Kodak, Lexmark, Xerox, and HP because it is not as common as copy paper, and not all paper manufacturers can produce satisfactory photo quality. Inkjet paper.

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