Talking about the Treatment of Print Net Phenomenon

In four-color printing, color prints are overprinted by several ink screen angles, unless these inks use the same screen angle, otherwise they must be reticulated. In the case of overprinting at certain screen angles, such screens can also be visually accepted under fine mesh screening conditions. However, in the case of overprinting with other screen angles, there will be conflicts with other colors, which will produce very unsightly large screens. This phenomenon is the phenomenon of print collisions, which are commonly referred to as nets. This texture is called moire or moire.

In the four-color printing mesh, some things in the original will interfere with the dot pattern and the netting phenomenon will occur. When scanning an image, if the scanned product is a printed matter, the dot pattern in the image will conflict with the new dot pattern on the scanned mesh, and it will also cause a netting phenomenon. Sponges can occur during the scanning of fine patterned fabrics, gingham patterns, or taking pictures on a television screen.

In general, output C15. M45. Y90. , K75. The difference between the angles of the two film outlets is less than 15. It will hit the net. For example, if there were 3 old CMY films and a new K later, the printer used a two-color machine. If you print YK first, there is no problem, but if you print CM afterwards, you will find large circles with a circle. It is the phenomenon of "hit the net". What is the reason? The answer is that the new K version is definitely the same as C and M. The best solution is:

1, out of 75. K version, but the original printed product is to be scrapped.

2. Change C or M to 75. (The principle is that if the map is warm, change the C version, the map is a cool version of the M version).

In other words, the so-called collision network refers to when the four-color screening is overprinted, because the dots are misaligned or the angle of each screen is less than 15°, and there are obvious moire patterns. There is no relationship between hitting the net and getting bigger.

In general, the reason for the increase in the number of outlets is as follows:

1, the number of lines when the film is low, the network is relatively large;

2. The scanned image is copied from the printed matter. There is no network or network access. It affects the apparent particles in the copied product. The visual network will be larger, but it is not the reason for printing.

3, printing ink diffusion, but this situation rarely affect the direct visual effects.

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