Sports Ground Construction Safety Knowledge Organization Work Introduction

1. What should be done by construction workers before they start work?

The construction professionals in the sports grounds should undergo safety technical training before taking up the job. They should have a good grasp of the safety production knowledge and skills of this trade. At the same time, they must also master one or two kinds of skills and safety knowledge in coordination with work types.

New workers and transfer workers must organize training for the study of safe production knowledge before entering the venue. After passing the examination, they can be employed. During the internship period, experienced old workers should lead the job.


Special operations personnel, such as mechanical power personnel, electrical operators, dust-poisoning workers, and transport vehicle drivers, must pass the training and pass the examination, and obtain qualification certificates issued by the Ministry of Supervision and hold certificates.

All professional construction workers should be allowed to take up jobs without physical inconveniences, drinking habits, and day and night shifts. If it is found that unlicensed workers are on the job, they should immediately report to the competent department and wait to be dealt with.

During the operation, protective articles should be used in accordance with regulations, helmets must be worn, and barefoot work on the construction site is strictly prohibited. All operators are forbidden to enter the scene with barefoot work. Slippers are forbidden to enter the scene and lesbians are strictly forbidden to wear skirts and high-heeled shoes to enter the scene.

Before the operation, the technical personnel in charge should conduct technical and operational safety to make a full reference.

II. What to do if danger signs appear on the site during construction?

When danger signs appear in the construction period or in the operation area, operators should not panic and should suspend operations and evacuation to safe areas. At the same time, they should report to higher authorities when they are not assured of safe dismantlement. When dealing with emergencies, there must be technical personnel present on the scene.

In case of an accident in the work area, the personnel must be rescued to protect the site, report to the relevant departments in a timely manner, take measures to prevent the accident from expanding, and try to rescue the technicians under the guidance of the organization.

A safety officer shall be set up on the construction site to be responsible for on-duty and inspection, and be equipped with reliable communication equipment and fire prevention equipment to do a good job in safety propaganda and organization.

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