SIG Alfa Launches Latest New Rotary Labeler

Recently, SIG Alfa introduced the latest rotary labeler, which overcomes the traditional limitations of mechanical and electronic technology. The servo motor guided by the PacDrive software system can guarantee the control of the rotation and achieve a very high accuracy.

A typical labeler on the market uses two techniques to rotate the container during the labeling process. The first and most traditional one is mechanical technology: the direction and position of the container are controlled by a cam at various stages of labeling; the second is more advanced electronic technology. The motion of the container is driven by a stepper motor. . Both of these solutions have their own limitations in application: In the practical application of mechanical technology, machines designed for cylindrical containers cannot be applied to containers of other shapes, and vice versa.

In addition, the accuracy of the machine can be reduced due to wear. The electronic technology is more flexible, but the stepping motion also has its own drawbacks. The stepper motor can only adjust the rotation speed through a fixed speed switch, but it cannot be consistent with the rotation speed of the host. This limitation poses a series of problems: For example, this type of machine cannot be applied to specially shaped containers or wrapped labels. The new labeling machine launched by SIG Alfa totally eliminated the disadvantages of the two previous technologies. In cooperation with ELAU, they will be PacDrive
The automation software is used to control brushless servo motors for label attachment.

When the brushless motor is mounted directly on the container platform, precise control of the rotational speed can be obtained, all container types are memorized into the system and can therefore be easily obtained by the instrument operator. New models can also be added, and existing data can be quickly and easily modified even if the machine is in operation.

The first model was purchased by Chicago-based Alberto Culver, which had previously equipped SIGAlfa with other models.

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