[seven plus two] La Sportiva Rasi Petitwa GTX men's hiking shoes 798

La Sportiva's hardware for the hiking shoes is made of full leather fabric and medium-weight structure. It has excellent waterproof and breathable functions, which is suitable for various complex outdoor environments and keeps users comfortable.

Taking into account the long-distance walking test of the footsteps, this shoe uses the large V-bottom of the IBS shock absorption system to provide continuous shock absorption and wear resistance. It is worth mentioning that this shoe is designed from the classic Mythos climbing shoes, so the appearance is more emphasis on the use of the shoe style, especially the rubber-wrapped toes and the super-grip sole, which is the best for mountain walking. companion.

Seven plus two friends mall now buys activities, the original price of 1390 is 798, red and gray and yellow are optional, the number is complete. Relative to the price of Tmall 1266 and Jingdong 1042 is still quite suitable. I might consider starting with it. The deadline for group purchase is 10:00 am on January 26th, Beijing time.

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