Round gravure ink printer

CN2555 153Y
The round intaglio ink printer is mainly composed of a base, a worktable, a plastic head movement mechanism, a gravure and a gravure inking mechanism. The structural feature of the printer is that the ink inking mechanism is composed of an ink fountain, an ink fountain fixing pin, and an ink fountain swing mechanism. The ink fountain is provided with an ink chamber, an ink outlet, and an ink fountain, which are respectively arranged on the outer ring and the inner circle of the circular intaglio plate. On the disk, the ink fountain fixing pin support device of the ink fountain swing mechanism is arranged on the swing arm, the swing arm is connected with the main shaft, and the main shaft is connected with the transmission mechanism. The structure of the ink inking mechanism of the round gravure ink printer is simple and reasonable, the adjustment is convenient, the ink does not splash, and it is suitable for round concave printing.

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