Recommend 5 good word-of-mouth acne extracts

Oily skin is prone to oil secretion, which is easy to cause pores to clog, leading to blackheads and acne, which affects the permeability of the skin. Therefore, oily skin is very normal. It is easy for women to develop acne with the onset of the physiological cycle. If you If you only occasionally explode "pox", you don't need to control the oil on the whole face. Only use the essence to apply the acne area.

Acne essence daily

Most of the acne extracts have added antibacterial ingredients. Some products add tea tree oil to quickly penetrate the hair follicles, sterilize bacteria and inhibit pores. Some products add salicylic acid to make the skin soft and refreshing, and quickly exfoliate; Containing sulfur and salicylic acid can absorb excess oil from the face, effectively remove acne and blots, and promote cell regeneration. Today, editors recommend 7 good acne extracts with good reputation. Just a little bit every day, acne can face The department said byebye.

1, Olay oil / OLAY pure formula net face control pox essence 260 yuan / 30ml

【Olay Oil/OLAY Pure Formula Cleansing Acne Essence】

A full set of use can help improve the cycle of the three major problems caused by excessive oil secretion: oily light, acne, large pores, so that the skin returns to pure and thorough. Continuous use for 4 weeks can significantly reduce inflammatory acne damage, reduce acne and prevent acne marks; and not damage the skin barrier function, less cause dryness; improve skin water and oil balance, improve skin hydration; and improve skin texture.

2, aroma holiday / Aromatime mild acne condensation 76 yuan / 120ml

[Aromatic Holiday / Aromatime Gentle Acne Gel]

Aromatic holiday mild acne condensation, containing tea tree, rose grass, Lyme, Roman chamomile and other pure plant essential oils, light texture, refreshing and easy to absorb, can quickly penetrate the hair follicle, bactericidal and antibacterial, convergence pores. At the same time, it can effectively inhibit the secretion of excess oil, make the skin fresh and not dry, relieve the irritating acne, reduce the signs of redness, effectively improve acne, acne marks, and gently appease the trait to bring you a fresh skin environment.

3, Paula Jane selection / Paula'schoice net acne spot dew 198 yuan / 118ml

[Paula's choice / Paula’s choice)

The water quality formula is the same as 2% salicylic acid rejuvenating essence. It is soft and refreshing, soothes the skin. It is often used to make the skin smooth, delicate and radiant. It deeply cleans pores, quickly exfoliates, eliminates stubborn blackheads and acne, and has bactericidal ingredients. It effectively relieves redness and infection of the skin.

4, Omi Si / ORBIS acne skin essence 129 yuan / 20g

【奥米思/ORBIS 痘痘美肌精液】

趁 Adult acne has not disappeared and quickly disappeared, restoring no trace of smooth and tender skin. A clean, oil-free medicinal serum that effectively inhibits the activity of acne and prevents the formation of acne while maintaining a healthy, moisturized condition and avoiding rough skin. Inhibition of bacterial reproduction, inhibition of excessive sebum secretion, prevention of acne, no acne scars, adding chicken mulberry essence, can promote skin renewal speed, restore the original smooth skin!

5, Inf yarn / IPSA acne jinghua dew / potent water acne essence 270 yuan / 15g

[Infu yarn / IPSA acne jinghua dew / potent water acne essence]

Suitable for areas where mature acne is produced. It is a transparent gel that keeps the skin clean and free of acne marks. Keep away from acne by preventing pigmentation and smoothing the skin.

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