Quality Management System for Printing Information

After China's accession to the WTO, the fields of book publishing, printing and distribution that have been protected for many years have gradually become fierce and cruel. Every printer, regardless of its nature or scale, faces the same opportunities and difficulties. In order to adapt to strong market competition, the domestic printing industry has introduced advanced equipment, management experience, and outstanding managerial talents from developed industrial countries, and carried out institutional reforms and adjustments of business scope. All this has greatly improved the production level and scale of printing companies, but there is still a certain distance compared with their counterparts in developed countries. In addition to the rapid rise of printing companies in recent years, in the face of fierce and cruel market competition, companies rely on These are not enough. Now, more and more printing companies' business managers gradually realize that carrying out IS09000 quality management system certification is an effective way to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and meet the needs of the times.

Among the numerous certified printing companies, their print product quality, work efficiency, and overall quality of employees have been improved, reducing production costs, improving corporate management, and greatly improving the competitiveness of companies in the market. The scale of the company has been developed and the management level has been improved. What should these companies do next? The survey of companies that have passed the quality system certification found that: the development of enterprise management is not an end, and digital information management is an inevitable trend in the development of the company. . Some of these companies have begun to implement digital management such as ERP management systems or enterprise management information systems (such as the Heilongjiang Daily Newspaper Printing Center, Gansu Daily Newspaper Printing Center, Lanzhou Xinhua Printing Factory, etc.). Facts have proved that the establishment and effective implementation of a documented quality management system can indeed standardize, institutionalize, and digitize the company's work. This is an important aspect of the company's work in implementing a management information system. The quality management system opened the way for the enterprise information construction and laid the foundation.

Enterprise standardization is an important part of the scientific management of an enterprise. It is an effective means of organizing modern production, and it is also a comprehensive basic work of the enterprise. The production of a modern enterprise is a complex organic whole. It involves the production, technology, management, sales, and service of the enterprise. All the work of foreign companies is centered on improving product quality, reducing labor consumption, reducing material consumption and increasing corporate profits. They regard enterprise standards as the "constitution" of the enterprise and regard it as the "life" of the enterprise. All activities of the enterprise are integrated into the standardization track, everything is standardized, and standardization is everywhere. These are worth learning from.

The IS09000 family standard is the result of the development and development of modern large-scale industrial technology and management. It is based on summarizing the advanced experience, quality assurance, and achievements of industrial quality management in developed countries, and summarizes a set of advanced and scientific technologies. Management standards. IS09000 is a set of series of universal quality management and quality assurance standards worldwide, but the printing industry itself still has some product standards and technical standards. Only IS09000 standards, product standards and technical standards can make the company's management level. And product quality has been further improved. Companies need to standardize their management work, but also need IS09000 quality management certification.

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