Packaging Design Art (I)

Abstract : Packaging modeling design is a long-term research issue. The modeling design is based on the characteristics of the packaged product, environmental factors and user requirements, etc. to select a certain material, using a certain technical method, design a reasonable container or product inside and outside the structure, and According to the different characteristics of the use of materials divided into two kinds of soft and rigid packaging containers. Shape, line, decoration and texture in the design are one of the elements that determine the outline of the container. The final purpose of the package design is to encourage consumers to purchase.

Keywords: packaging modeling concept and function design principle

Commodities have emerged to meet the needs of human life. With commodities, they have been packaged, and packaging has played a role in beautifying goods and further promoting sales. The packaging of goods, because of its own characteristics, and different material applications and packaging methods, but ultimately can not be separated from the protection of goods, material costs, appearance and other elements of appearance. Packaging design is a long-term issue in packaging design. This article will analyze packaging design from the following aspects.

1 Overview of Packaging Design

As a symbol of the transmission of various information, modeling factors constitute the language carrier in product design. Each product conveys various information to people with its unique symbol combination, making the circulation of products a form of cultural transmission. The use of modeling and the ability to express the symbol are the basic quality requirements of the designer, and also the way to achieve emotional communication between products and people.

1.1 Concepts and Dimensions of Packaging Modeling

Packaging design is based on the characteristics of the packaged products, environmental factors and user requirements, select a certain material, using certain technical methods, scientific design of a reasonable container or product inside and outside the structure. In the design, we must fully reflect the unity of technology and art, the unity of function and form, and the unity of matter and spirit. In the packaging design, the question of dimension is often involved. In terms of the dimension of the design, the time and place of the work exist. Common two-dimensional designs include planes and illustrations. Three-dimensional design has the largest proportion in art. It can be said that any design that occupies the real three-dimensional space is a three-dimensional design. Most of the product design is due to the three-dimensionality and design of the object. The spatial nature of the media determines that they belong to the three-dimensional design. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional design are often used in combination to achieve a rich and unified effect, such as packaging design, not only to study the three-dimensional structure of the product, so as to be able to design a three-dimensional inner or outer packaging, at the same time, a large number of flat decoration It also appears on the surface of the packaging structure.

The four-dimensional design is a design that consists of a three-dimensional space of length, width, height, and space. In addition to occupying a certain amount of space, design items can also clearly occupy time or convey a sense of time in history. A large number of product designs with direct recording time such as audio product design, clock design, etc. are all actually occupied. Design, these visual markers are a direct representation of the time flow. Another design that conveys the sense of time is the process of implying time through various means, conveying the feeling of time, allowing people to experience the passage of time and producing a profound sense of history.

1.2 The role of packaging modeling

Any kind of packaging container or other product must first be embodied in a certain specific form—exhibited through modeling, and then consider the local structure and factors. Modeling is to serve the function of the product, which is conducive to strengthening the practical and convenient functions of the packaging and promoting the sales of the goods. At the same time, the modeling is the carrier of packaging and decorating. It can be said that the molding occupies an important position in the entire packaging system and is the key to the design. . How the shape of the performance will directly affect the package's strength, stiffness, stability and usability LIJ. When designing, we must consider the characteristics of different materials and the composition requirements of various parts of the package. The internal design mainly considers that the packaged goods can be reasonably packaged. The external design mainly considers the functions of protection and storage and transportation, and at the same time, it must combine the requirements of the decoration. Consider it.

1.3 Relationship between Packaging Modeling and Structure

As for the major categories of packaging, there are a variety of materials and different forms of bags, boxes, boxes, barrels, and various shapes of bottles, cans, bundles, etc., which are complementary to each other in the modeling and structural design. Any container shape must be supported by a certain material and specific structure of each part. The packaging structure must be designed according to the specific packaging function and form, determine the specific structure and combination of various parts, in the shape and structure. Different emphasis on design and requirements.

1.4 The basis of packaging design

Different kinds of goods and circulation links, storage and transportation conditions, sales and consumption methods, etc., will have different specific requirements for the functional design of packaging. This is the main principle of design. Even for the same product, due to the above-mentioned different reasons, it will inevitably lead to significant differences in the specific functions of the package, directly affecting the different requirements of the design. It can be said that product design should be based on the purpose of the overall function of the product packaging. This is the key to any packaging design. It is the soul and theme of the design.

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