Network real people's freckle scheme

Whitening freckles became the biggest trouble, and the annoying spots were always annoying. The left spot and the right spot made the face look like a face. How can we really remove these annoying spots? Let's take a look at the popular freckle scheme on the Internet. Which one works best.

Practice: Pour the fresh carrots into the juice, take 10-30 ml, wash the face every morning and evening, and then wash it. In addition, drink a glass of carrot juice daily to whiten your skin.

Real people try to feel: more trouble, do not know if it is transferred to the winter, the sun is not so poisonous, the streaks have improved, but it does have a small whitening effect.

Practice: Mix the lemon juice and add some sugar to drink. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and so on. Drinking lemon juice can not only whiten the skin, but also precipitate melanin to achieve the effect of freckle.

Real people try to feel: I said that lemon freckle whitening, but I did not see any effect, and lemonade is not good to drink, even with a lot of sugar.

Practice: Drinking a glass of tomato juice every day or eating tomatoes often has a good effect on preventing freckle. Because tomatoes are rich in glutathione, glutathione inhibits melanin, causing the pigment to fade or disappear.

Real human trial experience: Tomato juice tastes very good, especially after the homemade sugar added, but the effect is more general, did not see how much improvement on the face.

Practice: When washing your face, add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to the water to reduce the staining.

Real people try to feel: This method is more troublesome, because I generally wash my face with running water, this method persisted for one month, did not see the effect, did not insist.

Practice: Eat a piece of vitamin C and vitamin E every day, can achieve the effect of freckle.

Real human trial experience: The method is very simple, vitamin C and vitamin E tablets are everywhere, but basically no effect, not recommended

Practice: Apply a clean eggplant skin to the face. After a while, the small spots are not so obvious.

Real-life trial experience: This method is a bit strange, but the effect is better than others. It only took a short time, the small spots on the face faded a lot, and some could not be seen. However, the husband who always eats eggplant is very opposed, so he failed to persist.  

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