Multi-purpose food 3D printer coming soon

In April 2015, a company called Bocusini released a food 3D printing system (heated Bocusini printhead + WIFI + user control interface), which enables any 3D printer to have food printing capabilities. In May they launched a crowdfunding campaign for the system on Kickstarter and the results were very popular. Since then, they have begun to bury their machines and unique food cartridge printing systems.

Today, Bocusini seems ready to bring the Bocusini 3D food printing system to market, as the company has announced that the official release date of the product will be February 2016 and has been pre-ordered on the official website. The price is only 899 euros (including a Printrbot metal 3D printer).

At the same time, in order to prove the capabilities of this 3D food printing system, Bocusini also created some very unique 3D printed foods for everyone.

Their latest 3D print is a standard 3D model for testing machine performance - #3DBenchy boat, knowing that this is all printed with Marzipan! The so-called marzipan is an edible material made from almonds, honey and an appropriate amount of rum or brandy. It is soft, delicate and mellow. It is a high-grade raw material for making West Point. It has a lot of uses. Now it is obviously added: it can be used for 3D printing. As you can see from the video below, Bocusini easily and perfectly prints a fairly complex boat and, more importantly, this lovely boat is completely edible.

But things didn't end there. The development team said that in addition to 3D printing complex food, Bocusini can also be used to make some food decoration works, such as the cream pattern on the cake, the bolognese pattern on the pizza. To prove this, the Bocusini team also recorded in the video that they used the system to print a so-called "Liver Paté Labyrinth". It is understood that the entire project took only an hour or so, it not only looks great, but also tastes very good. Here is the video:

In addition, Bocusini also announced more technical details of the system, the following is the latest technical specifications:

̇Support all liquid foods

̇ Raw material capsule capacity: 60 ml

̇Printing temperature: 20-70 degrees Celsius

̇ nozzle diameter: 1-3 mm

̇ Working voltage: 110-230 V AC

̇Maximum print size: 150×150×130 mm

控制Control open source software and hardware through WIFI

̇ Controlled by almost any smart device, no additional software or apps required

̇ Heatable print head

̇WIFI control

User Interface

̇ Refillable capsule system, including 3 boxes of 600g products

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