Master over the bedside table design storage at your fingertips

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] [Chinese wardrobe network ] After the weather turns cold, the woman has begun to face a new round of storage, but in complex, do not want to go to the entrance, want to be able to do storage problems at your fingertips, The Chinese Wardrobe Network teaches you to renovate the bedside wall, bedside tables, wardrobes, etc., and you can start to organize your bedroom without taking a step.

User question : Do not want to spend a lot of time to find a place to receive

Solution : bedside storage design

Storage form : custom closet, bedside table, built-in hidden compartment

The bedside storage is mainly wall storage design, including the storage cabinet on the bedside background and the embedded design, which is often customized with the bed.

Bedside table storage

Embedded design of the bedside background

Bedside wardrobe design

The soft bag design on the bedside background is consistent with the texture of the bed. Who knows that the door is opened but unexpected storage, and the bedside supplies are easy to store.

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