Maintenance method of laboratory ultrapure water machine

First, let ’s take a brief look at the laboratory ultra-pure water machine. The tap water is pre-treated with a precision filter and activated carbon filter to filter particulate matter such as sediment and adsorbed odors, etc., to make the tap water cleaner. The purified water enters the storage tank for storage, and its water quality can reach the national level III water standard. At the same time, the wastewater produced by the reverse osmosis device (also known as "concentrated water") is discharged. Reverse osmosis pure water passes through the purification column for deep desalination treatment to obtain first-grade water or ultra-pure water. Finally, if the user has special requirements, ultraviolet sterilization or microfiltration, ultra-filtration and other devices are added after the ultra-pure water to remove residual water Bacteria, particles, heat sources, etc.

The precision filter element, activated carbon filter element, reverse osmosis membrane, and purification column are all materials with relative life. The precision filter element and activated carbon filter element actually protect the reverse osmosis membrane. If they fail, the load of the reverse osmosis membrane will increase and the life will be reduced. Short, if you continue to start, the quality of the pure water produced will decline, which will increase the burden on the purification column, and the life of the purification column will be shortened. The end result is to increase the use cost of ultrapure water machine.

Therefore, in the use of laboratory ultra-pure water machine, there are the following things need to pay attention to.

1. Precision filter element The precision filter element, also known as the filter element, is divided into wire-wound filter elements and PP melt-blown filter elements. It mainly filters large particles such as sediment in the raw water, and its filtration accuracy is 5 microns, 1 micron, etc. The new filter element is white. If the surface is silted up for a long time, it will be brown, which means that the filter element can not be used. After the surface sludge is washed away with tap water, it can be used for 1-2 weeks, but it cannot be used for a long time. . The filter element is placed inside the filter bottle. Some filter bottles are transparent, and you can visually observe the color change of the filter element. Some filter bottles are opaque, and you need to unscrew them to observe the change of the filter element. From the empirical data statistics, the life of the precision filter element is generally from March to June. If there is more sediment in the raw water, the life will be shorter, and if the sediment is less, the life will be slightly longer.

2. Activated carbon filter element Activated carbon filter element mainly removes odor and organic matter in water through adsorption. There is residual chlorine in tap water, which has a great oxidation effect on the reverse osmosis membrane, so it must be removed through activated carbon. There is no intuitive change in the surface of the activated carbon filter. According to experience, it usually reaches saturation adsorption in about one year and needs to be replaced.

3. Reverse osmosis membrane Reverse osmosis membrane is a very important part in ultrapure water machine, its pore size is very small, so in the process of use, bacteria and other microscopic substances are often deposited on its surface. Generally, pure water machines of various manufacturers have reverse The rinse function is designed to wash away contaminants. If the water consumption is within 10 liters / day, it can be washed 3-5 times, and if it exceeds 10 liters, it should be washed several times. If you do n’t use it for a long time (such as more than 1 month), you need to take it out and soak it in the disinfectant to avoid the growth of bacteria, but the process is more troublesome. It is recommended to use a small amount of water to turn on the machine even if it is not used. Water forms a circulation and minimizes the settling time of dead water. The life of the reverse osmosis membrane is 2-3 years, which is mainly determined by the amount of water used, so be sure to choose the matching specifications when choosing.

4. Purification column Purification column is sometimes called ultra-purification column according to customer's water quality requirements. The self-action is to perform deep desalination of reverse osmosis pure water, and finally reach the level of first-grade water or ultra-pure water. The principle is ion exchange. The life of the purification column is represented by the resistivity online. Below a certain resistance means that the purification column has expired, which is more intuitive. In addition to its water resistance, its life is particularly important for the filling amount of ion exchange resins and the quality of the ion exchange resins in the design and design of various manufacturers.

5.Ultra-pure water machines with tap water as the water source generally have two outlets, which are tertiary water and primary water. It is ready to use and not stored. The tertiary water does not pass through the purification column, and the primary water passes through the purification column. The cost of primary water is higher than that of tertiary water. Therefore, in daily application, water should be taken separately according to water quality requirements. If you can use tertiary water, try not to use primary water as much as possible to avoid rising use costs.

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