How to use the mask correctly

How to use the mask correctly
How to use the mask correctly

Now, the mask has become an essential tool for MM skin care. Different functions of the mask can not only fully meet the needs, but also make your skin instantly rejuvenate. However, the premise of all this is that you know how to use the mask correctly .

Know the best time to apply mask

When is the best time to apply the mask? You often see the star seem to be applying the mask whenever it is, because the work and life of people are not caused by the laws of ordinary people.

Normally, it is best to apply the mask before going to sleep and after bathing. After the shower, the pores of the skin are enlarged, which is very beneficial to the full absorption of the nutrient solution. And nighttime is the best time for skin to absorb nutrients and self-healing.

What type of mask is applied before going to bed?

I have never recommended that you use a sleep mask. Although the lazy mask is more convenient, but because the texture is too thick, it is not conducive to the repair of the night skin and free breathing.

Therefore, it is a positive solution to wash it in a normal order after washing for a while.

If you use a gel type, this smear mask can't be saved if you want to use the best effect. It must be applied with a thick layer.

Apply a lotion before applying the mask, it will play a good role in drainage, and the nutrients in the mask can be continuously injected into the skin, with half the effort.

It is necessary to clean the skin before making a mask, but you don't have to exfoliate every time, especially dry skin. The metabolic cycle of the stratum corneum is 28 days, so it is enough to do it once a month, otherwise it will damage the stratum corneum of the facial skin.

How long does the mask apply?

I bought a expensive mask and I was reluctant to take it off. I felt that it was a waste of nutrient solution. Although saving is a virtue, the masking time is too long, but it will cause the skin to lose water and lose nutrients.

The correct masking time should be about 15 minutes, no more than 20 minutes. The excess nutrient solution can be used to wipe the neck and wipe the foot. It is also useful.

The mask belongs to the enhanced skin care products. In addition to special needs, such as two weeks before the wedding, the skin is in the air conditioning room for a long time, and the dry state, the hydrating mask can be used every day, and the facial mask such as nourishing whitening is recommended to be used up to 2 times a week. Otherwise it will reduce the skin's self-repair ability and its own resistance.

Greedy is cheap, I prefer to be one every day, and I am reluctant to buy expensive. I don't know that those who engage in activities all day, buy one get one free, buy five get three, although cheap, playing is a psychological war, let you use peace of mind, but it does not have much effect.

In fact, it is better to buy a mask for children and reduce the number of uses, but the effect is even better.

In fact, I have always advocated the skin care concept of children. Subtraction with the product is definitely a healthy skin self-healing system than excessive skin care. >>> Correct use of mask to wake up tired skin

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