How to maintain moist lips

In order to have a tender and charming lips , in addition to daily maintenance, regular care is also essential. Here are some tips for how to maintain your lips.

How to maintain moist lips

Moisturizing lip

The lip exfoliation expert said that the skin thickness of the lips is only one-third of the face. Is it not necessary to peel the skin? Wrong, proper exfoliation can speed up the removal of the old skin of the lips. You can use the best exfoliating lipstick, or use a hot towel to heat the lips to soften the keratin. Gently brush the dead skin with a super soft toothbrush. The movement must be gentle. If the lips are dry and peeled, be sure to do a good job of moisturizing and then exfoliating. Apply the lip balm immediately after finishing the keratin, and then gently massage with your fingers to promote blood circulation in the lips. If you have a good lip care on weekdays, exfoliation is usually done once a month, too often, but it will cause damage to the lips.
The lip membrane wants to have a matte lips, and regular care is essential in addition to daily maintenance. I believe that many people often apply masks to maintain the skin. In fact, lips also need regular lip membranes. Now many brands have professional lip membranes, but the price is also relatively high. If you are not willing to buy, you can use a lip balm with a high degree of moisturizing and thick texture. Apply a thick layer to the lips. membrane. Lip mask can generally be selected before going to sleep, when the nourishment effect is best. If there are sisters and I like DIY, I will introduce you to two kinds of lip membranes that I often do. It is simple and easy to use.
first set:
Ingredients: egg yolk, honey, cotton pad.
Step: Take an egg, separate the egg yolk into a bowl, add the right amount of honey, and gently stir to fuse the two. Immerse the cotton pad in the liquid and apply it to the lips for about 5 minutes.
Second paragraph:
Ingredients: three vitamin E, honey, brush, cotton pad.
Steps: Vitamin E must be in the home, cut the capsules, add the right amount of honey, gently stir to blend the two. Brush a thick layer on the lips with a brush and wipe off the excess liquid with a cotton pad after 10 minutes.
Lip sunscreen fact, many people have overlooked this one, lips actually need sunscreen. I usually choose a lip balm and lip balm with a sunscreen.
Lip Makeup Remover In fact, many people know Lip Makeup Remover will cause pigmentation is not complete, so lip color dim, experts also recommend must use professional Lip Makeup Remover thoroughly clean lip makeup, but really do but not many people . If you want to have beautiful lips, be sure to stick to a thorough lip makeup remover. Generally, use a common makeup remover to wipe off the lipstick, then use a cotton pad to fully wet the professional lip makeup remover, press on the lip skin, stay for about 10 seconds, wait for the pigment in the lipstick to dissolve completely, then gently Wipe the corners of the mouth to the center. Personally, gently wipe them two or three times.

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