How to Break Through the Red Sea in Plastic Bottle Packaging

For plastic bottle packaging manufacturers, the market competition is now a Red Sea. After more than 30 years of development in the domestic market after the reform and opening up, the number of plastic bottle packaging manufacturers has reached nearly 10,000 homes. In addition to several production bases in Taizhou, Zhangzhou and Guangzhou, there are basically large and small plastic bottles in other parts of the country. factory. The phenomenon of oversupply in the domestic market is very prominent. The market is basically in the pattern of low-price competition. The international market has always been a profitable point for many of our plastic bottle manufacturers. However, in recent years, with the increase in domestic wages and various factors, domestic plastic bottles have gradually lost their appeal in the international market. Orders for plastic bottles have been replaced by emerging developing countries such as Southeast Asia.

For this kind of internal and external attack under the market pattern. Plastic bottle manufacturers also have to compete with packaging materials such as glass bottles, ceramic bottles, and cartons. How to break market space restrictions. On the one hand, plastic bottle manufacturers should not take the low-price competition strategy in the past, strengthen product innovation and improve the defects of plastic bottles. In this way, they can create differentiated competition and win market opportunities. On the other hand, we must find out the gap between ourselves and other packaging materials, ceramic bottles and glass bottles, and actively expand the packaging market for these materials.

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