Gravure rotary printing press with additional cold ironing device

The gravure web press has a cold laminating device in which a pre-printed cold-flux adhesive has a preprinted path through which a high-pressure adhesive assembly and an ultraviolet ray drying device are arranged, and the work spool and the high-pressure adhesive component of the anodized aluminum take-up reel component At the entrance, there is a wet embossing and cold-welding anodized aluminum tension guide wheel and a wet embossing cold-hot stamping non-stop roll-in-roll nip roll to be unwound with anodized aluminum to be put into operation with the working electro-aluminum. Between the working reel and the outlet of the high-pressure adhesive assembly, there is a dry-type imprinting and cold-welding anodized tension guide wheel and a wet imprinting cold-rolling non-stop reel-inserted reel. This additional cold ironing device has a simple design structure and a high yield rate. The cold stamping process can be performed by a conventional gravure printing method, so that the gravure printing and the hot stamping connection can be completed at one time without increasing the printing cost.

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