Glue-booking machine machine lock sewing thread book

There are many types of editions and pass-through editions in the albums and atlases. Simply using the glue-stitching processing method, the screens that are connected to the mills and the pass-through editions suffer a large loss, making it difficult to read through. However, simply using the sewing thread processing method, there is no loss in the images of the connected version and the pass version, and the reading effect is also good. However, after the sticky card and the manual package, it is time-consuming and laborious and does not ensure the appearance and consistency of the appearance. Therefore, we thought that the use of glue to pack the machine to lock the thread after the processing of the book on the cover, and the actual effect is also very good, now the specific approach and should pay attention to the links described below.

1. After laying the lock on the back of the book, it should be noted that the thread must be tightened when the sewing thread is processed. Otherwise, the inner pages of the book can easily be pulled out.
2. Lower the milling back and slotting table on the glue-packing machine so that it does not touch the back of the book.
3. Adhesive Packing The glue pot temperature of the machine is set slightly lower than the normal use temperature (about 20 °C), the purpose is to make the hot melt adhesive thicker to increase the thickness of the adhesive layer. The characteristics of hot melt adhesives are that when the temperature is high, the glue liquid is thin, the glue layer is thin, and when the temperature is low, the glue liquid is thick and the glue layer is thick.
4. The offset paper with a basis weight of 70 g/m2 is cut into lengths equal to the length of the book, and the width is slightly wider than the thickness of the book. It is also possible to print paper.
5. The book is sized on a gum book, but it is not stenciled and slotted directly on the rubber wheel. The pre-cut offset paper is manually spliced ​​into the location of the book, and is attached to the back of the book. . This processing requires the back of the book to be flat, the glue layer is thick and even, and the gap between the signatures is filled and filled. Otherwise, the finished product will appear black holes.
6. Tear off the dry-formed book to remove the unbonded part of the offset paper and prepare the top cover.
7. Adjust the temperature of the glue pan slightly higher than the normal use temperature of glue, about 10 °C higher, so that the glue is thin and the glue layer is thinner, and the cut cover is ready for use.
8. In accordance with the normal bookbinding package operation procedure, a rubber hair book is put on the cover after passing through the rubber wheel.
9. After the three-sided cut packaging factory.

At this point, the binding of the stapled binding book is completed with the processing of the cover on the machine. However, one thing to note is that if it is the first time after the white paper jammed on the loop cover, the first time the glue is not changed, the white cardboard must be indented. The second time the glue should be slightly thicker. The general principle is that the thicker the cover material, the thicker the glue layer should be. In addition, the empty book (empty glue) that was removed after the first glue application must be repaired before the upper cover. The specific method is to raise the temperature of the hot plate of the flat-ironing machine, and push the appropriate amount of empty glue book Pressure hole, observe the melting of the hot melt adhesive from the edge surface of the back of the book, and take it out after the gel is opened. If the back of the book is skewed, it can be corrected with the handbook on the ironing board.

The albums and atlases processed by this method are of good appearance. The back of the book is viewed from the top of the sky and the floor of the book. The outer layers of the glue and the book are even and the inside is jagged and very beautiful. After opening, the page is flat and complete, and the effect is very satisfactory.

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