Gan is a clay sculpture and keeps a life--An interview with the old Beijing Mud Toys

Not long ago, the old Beijing clay toy master, 75-year-old folk clay master Shuangqixiang was selected as a master of Chinese arts and crafts. As a folk artist who devoted his life to transforming the soil under his feet into a dynamic art piece, this title is an affirmation of his craft skills, and is a compliment and praise for his adherence to folk culture and its inheritance.
The clay sculptures of the old people from Shuangxiang are from everyday life. They are simple and simple. In ordinary people's eyes, the ordinary soil is in his hands. It has the effect of “degrading into magic”: simple but quite charming face, vivid and lovely mud. Dolls, as well as the Beijing-style full of rabbits... Every one of his works is so vivid, the "Judge" face has a cool and fascinating charm and temperament, and the smug "Zhong Wei" is like a fire. The color is bright and the visual impact is very strong.
Speaking of creation, Shuang Lao has always stressed the need to strive for excellence. He said that he does not have much clay sculpture now, but every one is a boutique with artistic value. When it comes to doing which part of the clay sculpture is the most painstaking, the answer is to create a concept, to outline the image and color in the mind, to make continuous improvement, where is the addition of a snake, where to draw a finishing touch, this process is very hard, really thinking, But after the work is released, it is a great happiness. For the two old people, what is produced like a pipeline is a commodity, and excellence is a work of art; he does not want to be a model, eat a mature work for a lifetime, and still think about continuous innovation, leaving more and better. s things.
Shuangxiangxiang lives in Beijing, and the most influenced by him is the Beijing-style culture. In order to innovate and develop clay sculptures, he has also gone to various places to collect the wind. He went to Xi'an and saw the local woman carrying a fat doll. The doll was wearing a tiger hat on his head. It was very cute. This image was deeply imprinted on his mind. Later, he made the clay sculpture "Tiger Baby." The year before, he went to Wuxi. Many famous folk artists gathered together. A local traditional clay toy brought by a friend from Shandong attracted him. Because the following year is the Year of the Dog, he wants to improve his creation. "Call the dog", the color of the tiger is brighter and the shape is rougher. He wants to improve the exquisiteness and the color is black. This creative concept and improvement has been improved and refined for nearly three years. Speaking of the countryside, Shuang Lao mentioned that the rural works are simple and have a strong local flavor. The forms of folk art are also very wide. Different regions have different styles, which are very interesting and very attractive. He mentioned that it is crucial for folk art to achieve greater development, wider dissemination, recognition, improvement of skills, and fine work.
Shuangxiangxiang has been influenced by the family since childhood, and has a strong interest in folk art, especially clay sculpture. He said that the family did not agree with him to engage in clay sculpture creation, because this line was especially bitter before liberation, but no amount of hardship could separate the feelings of the old man on clay sculpture. When the reporter asked him if he was harder or more happy, he smiled and answered with more happiness. Seeing the completion of the clay sculpture works, all the hard work is worthwhile. The old life of Shuangla is accompanied by clay sculpture. Although it is monotonous and boring, it looks at his own works displayed in the house. The various types of Facebook are hung on the eye-opening wall, which can be used for purely unintentional and quietly engaged in clay sculpture production. He feels satisfied. Nowadays, the biggest wish of the two old people is that they can spread the clay sculptures for generations. He currently has three apprentices, one of whom is his eldest son.
The relationship between Shuangxiang and clay sculpture has lasted for more than half a century, and the more it comes into contact with it, the more it regards it as a living life. Although the old man has been old and thin, he never stopped writing. In addition to his deep feelings for clay sculpture, this insistence also has a sense of responsibility for inheriting and protecting folk culture. In fact, because of the closed door creation and the lack of contact with the society, the old man often does not think of the appropriate vocabulary when expressing emotions. In many cases, communication with reporters is an idea. Just like the art of clay sculpture he can't talk about, you can feel its fresh look just as it is expressive and artistically appealing.

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