Experts teach you four steps to know mahogany furniture

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more consumers are hoping to buy green and environmentally-friendly wooden furniture when purchasing furniture. The furniture sellers on the market have also signed signs such as solid wood and green certification. . In recent years, some furniture made in the market has been sold as mahogany furniture, so everyone can be careful.瀚盛堂红木家具 share the look and find the flaws now, the low-grade wood furniture has a higher level of skin, the skin is more and more realistic, consumers can hardly distinguish, such as the door panel, panel The side board and the like are covered with musk wood, the core wood is medium-density board, or the low-density board and the particle board are used as the "core", and the exterior is covered with precious wood, and then the price of solid wood furniture is marked.
Usually the veneer on the mahogany furniture will not be covered with leather. Generally, the big side and the rag are made of real materials. The complicated parts of the line are real materials. Usually, the skin will be used on the surface core board, and both sides are required. Sticky skin, but the texture of the wood is not exactly the same on both sides. By carefully distinguishing the wood grain, you can always see the flaws. In addition, the leather furniture is not hot wax, because the hot wax will make the skin foaming. Usually use a thin layer of wax or walnut oil or lacquer.
To smell the furniture, it is necessary to use glue, we also have identification. The traditional skinning process uses pig gutta, why do you make pig gutta? Because the skin will be foamed and wrinkled, with the pig glue, you can drive the air out, take a soldering iron and iron it is very flat, and the general chemical glue can not. Identify the pig's rubber, you can rub it with your hands, heat the surface, take a nose and smell it. If you paint, the method of smelling is not good, but you can smell the back, often the front of the core board is painted and the back is not.
Listening to the sound distinguishes the mahogany skin, does not use too good wood, often uses lower density pears, rosewood (white rosewood, squid), etc., can be distinguished by the sound when tapping. Generally, the high-density mahogany has "the hall sound", which is the echo of the snoring sound. Just as the ringtone of the mobile phone now has chords, it is a kind of sweet and crisp sound; while the low-density mahogany, such as the rosewood, is only very brittle.啪啪" sound.
Touching the temperature to touch the surface of the furniture to determine the change in temperature is also a way to identify the density of the wood. Generally, the density of wood is high, and the heat transfer is fast. The touch will feel cooler in a moment; the heat transfer is slower than the less dense wood, and the temperature is higher.
Experts suggest that when choosing solid wood furniture, consumers should choose some products with big after-sales service and good reputation. Solid wood furniture is also related to personal care, such as sun exposure, too cold or too hot, too dry and humid environment can also lead to deformation, cracking and other phenomena.

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