Drying process of plate glass decoration printing

The prints do not have to be fully dried and baked unless the decorative pattern on the glass is subjected to other treatments or glazing. The tail of the new tunneling kiln (or intermittent kiln) can be kiln-baked after drying at a temperature not exceeding 120°C. It should be noted that most of the solvents are to be dried, especially for large-format products, to avoid over-concentration of gas in the kiln.

Screen printing patterns completely dry, depending on the level of room temperature and air convection conditions, generally ranging from 1h to several hours. The drying time can be reduced to a few minutes after the compressed air is heated (up to 120°C).

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

Based on a design found at Shakespeare's garden in Stratford, England, these border edge irons are perfect for holding back unruly plants and defining the edge of a garden or walkway. Place them side-by-side or overlap them as much as you'd like. Easy to install; simply press the legs into the soil.

Powder-coated, galvanized steel construction is low-maintenance and ensures outdoor durability;

Digless installation quickly pushes straight into the ground to keep pets and unwanted pests away in no time;

Wrought-iron style fence adds decorative appeal to any area of your home

Landscape Border Edge

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