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Tsingtao Beer Festival has a long history as the "Asia's largest" beer event. Tsingtao Beer Festival has become an international business card for China Tourism Festival. The 23rd Oktoberfest will be opened on August 10 this year. For a 16-day event, more than one million tourists from across the country will join the party.

In August, it was the peak period of tourism in the traditional sense. The price of hotel accommodation increased and the situation of “a room is hard to find”. For those who are interested in going to Qingdao to participate in Oktoberfest, you may wish to make an early booking of Tujia Apartment and enjoy a tour of “Drunk” beautiful Qingdao.

Qingdao Zhengda Thumb Plaza Tujia Holiday Apartment is set in the Tongan Road district in Laoshan District, 2.4 km from Laoshan District Beer City. Tiantai Financial Square Tujia Apartment is only 300 metres from Beer City. Shengran Tujia Apartment is the best choice for tourists visiting Qingdao for a beer festival. In the evening about friends, together to beer city to drink ice beer to eat seafood, mountains, and then wander back to the holiday apartment make up and feel that the most pleasant thing in life is not so.

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Located at the intersection of Haier Road and Tongan Road, Zendai Thumb Plaza Tujia Holiday Apartment is located in the heart of Haier Road Central Business District. It consists of 4 modern-style buildings and is in line with the modern and artistic qualities of Thumb Commercial Plaza. Stay at Qingdao Tujia Apartment. You can enjoy a one-stop shopping experience. There are 118 sets of different types of rooms in Zhengda Thumb Plaza and Tiantai Financial Plaza Tujia Apartment with exquisite double bed rooms, elegant penthouse suites, stylish garden view rooms and sea view rooms, and room rates range from 350 yuan/night to 3380 yuan/night. Equivalent. Different from traditional hotels, Tujia Apartment can be used for laundry and cooking. The living facilities are readily available. You can eat outside, buy ingredients, go back to your holiday apartment and cook in person, and enjoy your seafood. Both Thumb Plaza and Tiantai Financial Plaza Tujia Holiday Apartment are located in the bustling business district. With convenient transportation, it is very convenient to go to major attractions. Staying in Tujia Apartment can also enjoy free pick-up and pick-up service. Currently, it is in the peak period of tourism. You need pick-up and pick-up service and need to be booked 3 days in advance.

Tujia.com is the leading online high-quality service apartment booking platform in China. The ultra-high cost performance and high quality enjoyment make this new and fashionable tourism accommodation method more and more popular and appreciated by more and more middle-to-high-end travel business people. And Tu Family is equipped with 10 million protection funds to support the first payment, so that every consumer can rest assured that easy travel.

At present, in addition to booking through the Tujia website and dialing customer service, the vast number of tourists can also book in advance by downloading the Tujia mobile client. This summer, seafood, beer, sea, and warm Tujia apartments are waiting for you in Qingdao. Let’s go!

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