Customized wardrobes have different and reasonable functions to create a perfect life

Customized wardrobes have "standard" and "non-standard" points, but many consumers do not understand, since it is a custom closet, of course, it must be completely in accordance with customer requirements, why should be divided into "standard customization" and "non-standard customization" What?

Standard customization refers to the customization of the wardrobe under the specifications of the factory. The standard custom closet promotes the function customization , the purpose is to make the function of the wardrobe conform to our daily living habits, instead of the simple appearance customization, the standard custom wardrobe has many standard modules of the specified size to meet the different size space, the interior of the cabinet The structure can be customized.

Non-standard customization refers to the customization of all other dimensions outside the factory standard module. Unlike the feature customization advocated by standard customization, non-standard customization pays more attention to the customization of the appearance .

Non-standard custom closet.jpg

Non-standard custom closet

Standard and non-standard customizations are also closely related to the consumer's wallet. The established modular standard parts can be mass-produced. Non-standard parts need to put more manpower and material resources in the production process, and because of their individuality, they are not able to mass-produce, which will lead to waste of productivity and reduce production efficiency. Therefore, the price of “non-standard” customization will be slightly higher than the “standard” customization.

At present, the concept of “functional customization” that has matured in foreign countries has just sprouted in China. Accepting and promoting the concept of “functional customization” can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and reduce production costs, thus promoting the price reduction of customized wardrobes. The concept of “functional customization” is a win-win for both business and consumers.

Customization is based on the actual situation of different customers' homes. It is impossible for each customer's home products to have the same size, which is a little bit contradictory to the “standard”, but if the standard is limited to plates, crafts and even Service and other aspects, and not related to the size, then such basic standards are available, and even if the home business itself is not a standard, the customer will give some standards - such as sheet environmental protection.

Therefore, fans of furniture remind you that while purchasing a custom closet, you should also consider the standard of custom closet, with standard and reasonable functions, in order to obtain a higher quality of life.