Convenient opening and resealing of chips and plastic bags

The packaging of the Ritz chips showed a new form of packaging: a peelable, easy-to-open, flat-bottomed vertical bag package, while the peeled label re-seal the bag. The triangular design on the exterior side of the package makes it easier for consumers to get the chips. There is a front-to-rear adhesive laminate on the package. The structure fully meets the shelf display requirements of the product. The entire package itself looks like a potato chip. Equivalent to a very good billboard, played the role of promoting products on the shelves, and promoted the brand image of Ritz. In addition, the reclosable system can also help consumers control the amount of each meal.

Source: Packaging Materials and Containers

Round Paper Box is a vital part of the towel commodities.
It is designed to protect the towel from physical, biological, and chemical damage to ensure it can reach the customer`s hands in safety.  
This Round Paper Gift Box manufactured for one big famous brand towel company and is designed to display and packaging for towel.   
Also its elegant design catch more customer`s eyeball, especially women which means it not only has the cost value.  
Our Round Paper Box Packaging manufacturer is printed by Roland 900 to assure the stable quality.  
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Round Paper Box

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