Children's furniture new standard August implementation of business vigorously promote inventory

■ Many children's furniture brands have posted the words “special offer” and “offer” . Yang Xiaoxia / photo

New Express News reporter Yang Xiaoxia reports that as people's requirements for indoor living environment and taste are getting higher and higher, children's rooms have become an indispensable part of home decoration. However, the cute and colorful children's furniture has not had its own standards. Recently, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine and the Standardization Management Committee jointly issued the first new standard for children's furniture, "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture", which clearly sets out the structural safety and safety warning signs for children's furniture. It will be launched from August 1st. Begin execution. The reporter visited the market in the past few days and found that many children's furniture brands posted the words “special offer” and “concessions”, with discounts ranging from 50% to 10%. Some sales people said that the clearance was due to the new standards for children's furniture.

Children's furniture prices are high

Nowadays, more and more children have their own independent rooms. Many parents put a lot of effort and financial resources into the layout of children's rooms. I hope to create a good environment for children to grow up. This kind of psychology of parents also makes the phenomenon that children's furniture prices are more expensive than ordinary furniture.

"Master room and guest room furniture do not matter, you can buy low-end, but the children's room furniture must be the most environmentally friendly, the best quality, and it does not matter!" Ms. Zhang told reporters that this is the current parents to buy children's furniture The most typical idea. The reporter saw in the city's many children's furniture franchise stores that a brand of two children's wardrobes price 3890 yuan, no discount, and the same brand of an adult four-door wardrobe price 3600 yuan, sales staff said that based on this can also 30% off. Another brand of three children's small top cabinet, the price of more than 5,000 yuan, more than double the cost of ordinary adult furniture, the space is only 1/3 of the average adult wardrobe. The price of children's beds is even more expensive. A double-layered cot with a price of four meters is called seven or eight thousand. The salesperson said that the double-layered mother-child bed is more expensive, and the price of imported plates will be tens of thousands, even if There is a preferential price for Children's Day on June 1st, and it will not be less than 10,000 yuan.

The store sales staff told reporters that it is normal for children's furniture to be more expensive than ordinary adult furniture. “Because children's furniture is more demanding in terms of plates, paints, accessories, crafts, etc. For example, children's furniture is mostly made of pine or solid wood. Originally imported, the board itself is very expensive, the density and quality of the board is better; and the paint It is more environmentally friendly and minimizes toxic and hazardous substances; workmanship and accessories are much more refined and high-end than ordinary furniture.” The reporter saw that there are also brands that directly use the “0 formaldehyde” propaganda slogan as the biggest selling point, and the furniture price is naturally “ Not cheap."

Merchant promotion to clear inventory

According to reports, "General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture" for the first time clarified that children's furniture should be suitable for children aged 3-14. According to industry insiders, in addition to the detailed definitions of the sharp corners, protruding parts, holes, gap size and stability of children's furniture, the standard for children's furniture artificial panels, paints, textiles, fur fabrics and other main and auxiliary materials. The toxic and hazardous substances such as the release of metals, formaldehyde and decomposable aromatic amines have set limits, which are more stringent and demanding than adult furniture. In addition, the standard also puts specific requirements on the dyes and pH values ​​of some soft furniture. After the implementation of the new standard, the safety, environmental protection and practicality of children's furniture will be improved and improved. In addition to regulating the market, the new standard will also play a good guiding role for consumers to buy children's furniture. The reporter visited the Zhongshan City market for several days and found that many children's furniture brands posted the words “special offer” and “concessions”, with discounts ranging from 50% to 10%. Although most of the dealerships said it was a normal promotion, some sales staff said that the clearance was caused by the new standards for children's furniture. Some manufacturers are worried that existing products will not be retired due to new standards, so they have to clear their inventory. In Jane's love home, the original price of 2,690 yuan children's desk, clearance price of 1750 yuan; original price of 6480 yuan three-door children's wardrobe, clearance price of 3,860 yuan. The reporter asked why children's furniture should be promoted. A salesperson said: "In May and June, furniture generally has discount promotions. However, this year's promotion is relatively large. Some of them are old last year, and some new products this year, but Manufacturers no longer do this series, they want to develop new products, so clear the goods."

The reporter saw in Fuyi Decoration Square that many children's furniture samples have a 50% discount on special offers. There are also four sets of children's rooms, including beds, bedside tables, wardrobes and desks. The price is as low as 4,000 yuan. Half, but only one set of this template. The sales staff bluntly, mainly because the new standard is a mandatory standard, the big-name furniture manufacturers will no longer produce the old standard children's furniture from May, and will clean up some of the furniture stocks that meet the old standards before the implementation of the new national standard in August. Resulting in a sharp fall in prices.

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