721 Spectrophotometer operating rules at a glance

1. The instrument should be placed in a dry room, and should be placed on a sturdy and stable workbench during use. Indoor lighting should not be too strong. In hot weather, you can't use the electric fan to blow directly to the instrument to prevent the bulb filament from shining and unstable. 2. Before using this instrument, users should first understand the structure and working principle of this instrument, as well as the function of each control knob. Before the power is turned on, the safety performance of the instrument should be checked. The power wiring should be firm and the power should be good. The starting position of each adjustment knob should be correct, and then press the power switch. 3. When the instrument is not connected to the power supply, the meter pointer must be on the "0" engraved line. If this is not the case, the adjustment screw on the meter can be used for adjustment.

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