Experts teach you four steps to know mahogany furniture

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more consumers are hoping to buy green and environmentally-friendly wooden furniture when purchasing furniture. The furniture sellers on the market have also signed signs such as solid wood and green certification. . In recent year ----more

This week (8.31-9.4) the paper market atmosphere is low…

Guide: According to the business community monitoring, on September 4, the reference price of gray board paper (via) was 2860.00 yuan / ton, unchanged from September 1. On September 4, the reference price of whiteboard paper was 3066.67 yuan / ton, which was the same as September 1. Domestic paper ----more

Rattan furniture has become the new favorite in the hom…

Nowadays, more and more people love rattan furniture, put the leisure wicker chair on the balcony, and regard the rattan chair or rocking chair as the 'new member' of the family. The joy of Chen’s manager of “Wuyuan” furniture is beyond words. Random interviews with sever ----more

Multi-purpose food 3D printer coming soon

In April 2015, a company called Bocusini released a food 3D printing system (heated Bocusini printhead + WIFI + user control interface), which enables any 3D printer to have food printing capabilities. In May they launched a crowdfunding campaign for the system on Kickstarter and the ----more

Germany BIOLYT fermentation tail gas analyzer product i…

BIOLYT bio-fermentation exhaust gas analyzer and biomass measurement system software can analyze and analyze the CO2 and O2 concentrations in the fermentation tail gas for a long time, and calculate the relevant biomass parameters through software, such as CO2 release rate CER, oxygen uptake rate OU ----more

BLACKYAK Three-in-one Jackets

Founded in 1996, Braillec is part of the Dongjin Corporation of Korea. It is a high-end brand specializing in the research and production of outdoor leisure apparel and equipment such as camping, mountaineering, and rock climbing. Continuous research and development and reinvestment, BLACK YAK se ----more