Analysis of the characteristics of soybean ink in respo…

The oil that traditional inks rely on is a non-renewable resource. With the large amount of use, it is increasingly depleted. The energy crisis has become the first problem facing mankind. Many industries have turned their attention to renewable plant resources, such as biodiesel. The soybean oil ----more

BS EN 717-2

Wood-based panels — Determination of formaldehyde release — Part 2: Formaldehyde release by the gas analysis method Tying Machine is a machine for strapping and packaging operation, suitable for strapping of newspapers, publishing houses, paper mills, cardboard factories, carton fa ----more

The constant temperature metal bath is compact and uniq…

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. developed the LNB brand constant temperature metal bath, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. The company is specialized in the research and development, productio ----more

Newspaper flower basket weaving illustration

Newspaper weave flower basket Cut half of the newspaper Roll up with a stick from the corner Rolled up part of the stick Draw a circle Cut two circles Apply latex As shown in the newspaper Paste another circle Fold up along the edge Insert another piece into a pa ----more

Festive big red makeup has good luck every year

Who said that the red lips must be matched with black smoked makeup, this practice seems to be too much for you to keep up with the times, the 10 latest methods teach you to use the red color. The method of applying a red lipstick on a large area of ​​red blush is very stage-effect. ----more

Brief operation rules of residual carbon

Residual carbon 1. Sample treatment: Light oil samples are dehydrated with filter paper, and heavy oil should be heated and stirred with an electric hot plate to make it fluid. Residual oil and asphalt should be frozen first, broken into crucible. 2. Set the furnace temperature: 520 ± 5 degrees 3 ----more

The cow recommended 9 garden wardrobes to teach you to …

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Women's clothing has always become more and more inadvertently, and there are countless jewellery bags and clothing. It's not easy to find it quickly at a critical time. It's essential to have a large-capacity storage that is suitable for your ----more