Mengniu large grain yogurt to achieve mechanical fillin…

Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd. has launched a "huge" fruit yogurt product "Mengniu Large Fruit Yogurt". This product was packed in a small bucket-like container and used a full set of standard forms. It is worth mentioning that the diagonal length of the new product of this yogurt has ----more

Teach you how to choose printing paper (4)

Fourth, drive oil - photo quality inkjet paper Characteristics of driving oil: The driving oil is an oil between heart and soul oil and active oil. It has the effect of heart and oil to treat colds, nausea, mosquito bites, pruritus, headache and dizziness, but also has daily treatment. The utilit ----more

The use of water-based ink printing corrugated paper ti…

Water-based inks have been used in the printing of corrugated paper for a long period of time abroad and have been used in China for more than 20 years. Corrugated paper printing is printed by flexographic (embossing), offset (flat printing), and rubber-based water washable printing, and it has be ----more

Targeting FDA's PAT Standard Drug Packaging Equipme…

In order to meet the FDA's PAT standard (program analysis technology), Bosch presented its latest pharmaceutical packaging concept, introduced a testing device for vials, ampoule and syringes, and a non-contact weighing system. A syringe filling machine. The device uses nuclear magnetic resona ----more

Silk Screen Printing Technology and Details (Part 2)

Fourth, indirect diaphragm law network printing plate The indirect diaphragm market is available for sale. The thickness of the diaphragm can be selected according to the characteristics of the print. The indirect diaphragm production screen is mainly used to achieve fine lines and dot-level prin ----more

Fogg's unique set of cartridge packaging designs (2…

Source of information: We supply all type of flexible packaging,Stand Up Pouch, Doypack , Flat Bag, 3 Side Seal Bag, Flat Bottom Pouch, Box Pouch, Roll Film , Lidding Film, Side Gusset Pouch, Spout Pouch , Shrink Sleeve, Lable , Quad Seal Bag,Custom Shaped Bag. It can Laminate t ----more

Print bite in printing plate

Bite refers to the position where the paper is pinched by the printer's paper feeding device when the printing machine conveys the paper. It is not printed on the printer's ink and is about 1 to 2 cm. Therefore, the actual printing area must be deducted from the nip portion. Copies. Poste ----more