Synthetic adhesive packaging applications

Synthetic adhesives have many features such as wide application, easy use, high economic benefits, and rapid development. With the development of economy and advancement of science and technology, it will be more and more important to people's attention and become an industry with great develo ----more

Xuchang Dihao successfully develops new cigarette packa…

Recently, as the first batch of “big harvest” cigarettes went offline smoothly at the Xuchang Cigarette Factory, the first transfer of aluminum foil for the first batch of cigarettes was also announced. The single-head transfer aluminum foil developed by Xuchang Dihao Industrial Co., L ----more

The characteristics of fine corrugated paper and its de…

Corrugated cardboard according to market demand, its strength, stiffness, cushioning performance can be divided into different specifications, the market is the most common type A, B, C, E and other types. Its excellent performance, very stiff, with high mechanical strength, good pressure resistan ----more

Stamp printing technology and anti-counterfeiting techn…

Stamps are special prints that most of us will contact and use. In addition to their function as securities, many stamps (especially rare stamps) are also valuable works of art and collectibles. The stamps are full of ornamental and scientific features. They have the infinite charm of the world, t ----more

Talk about digital workflow

When digital workflow came to China's printing industry, it was a voice of praise. After a period of development, at present, the process management systems introduced by major manufacturers aim at satisfying the digital requirements of users as much as possible, and help companies gradually r ----more

Accurately Control Ink Quality in Letterpress Printing

In the letterpress printing process, the following factors are closely related to the quality of the printed ink. Correctly understanding and understanding the relationship between these factors and ink color is of great significance for accurately controlling the quality of printed ink. Correctl ----more

Acid resistance of prints and printing inks

This standard specifies the method for evaluating the acid resistance of printing. This standard applies to all printing process substrates such as paper, cardboard, plastics and metals (metal foils and metal plates). 2 Reference standards The provisions included in the following standards form ----more