Talking about the Treatment of Print Net Phenomenon

In four-color printing, color prints are overprinted by several ink screen angles, unless these inks use the same screen angle, otherwise they must be reticulated. In the case of overprinting at certain screen angles, such screens can also be visually accepted under fine mesh screening conditions. ----more

The tenant’s rent owed disappeared and the owner’s …

The newspaper Liaocheng May 24 (Reporter Jiao Shouguang) Ms. Wei, who lives in Liaochengguan County , rented the house to several young people . The result was not only owed a month's rent, but also the keys and the furniture in the house. . At the beginning of this year, Ms. Wei rented her ow ----more

Skin care and food application should be more internal

Through the internal care of skin care has become the consensus of many people, many foods in addition to the maintenance of the body, but also to protect the skin, such as the well-known collagen skin pigskin, in addition to chondroitin, nucleic acid and other skin care products. Chondroitin, nuc ----more

Ink film thickness uneven solution

In the printing process, ink ink film thickness will be uneven due to a variety of reasons. In terms of ink, the ink is poorly formulated, or the normally formulated ink is mixed with ink. When printing, swelling occurs due to the effect of the solvent. Softening, blocking the mesh that should be ----more

Recommend 5 good word-of-mouth acne extracts

Oily skin is prone to oil secretion, which is easy to cause pores to clog, leading to blackheads and acne, which affects the permeability of the skin. Therefore, oily skin is very normal. It is easy for women to develop acne with the onset of the physiological cycle. If you If you only occasionally ----more

Children's furniture new standard August implementa…

■ Many children's furniture brands have posted the words “special offer” and “offer” . Yang Xiaoxia / photo New Express News reporter Yang Xiaoxia reports that as people's requirements for indoor living environment and taste are getting higher and higher, chil ----more

International pulp prices report that domestic demand h…

This week, the paper printing sector is behind the market. The sector's decline this week was 3.12%, behind the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index (down 0.03% this week) by 3.09 percentage points. We believe that the paper sector is currently at the bottom, both in terms of fundamentals and valuati ----more