Formulation of alcohol water woven bag ink

1, experimental formula A, Malay rosin liquid formula name number (parts) Malay rosin resin (produced by Shandong company)35 Isopropanol 20 Industrial ethanol 27 Ammonia 8 Deionized water 10 B, black ink formula name number (parts) Malay Rosin Solution (Above A) 50 Industrial Ethanol 14 ----more

Analysis on the Security Control of Smart Cards in Bank…

First, the characteristics of smart cards Compared with the magnetic stripe card, the advantage of the smart card is not only the substantial increase of the storage capacity, the enhancement and expansion of the application function, but also the security mechanism provided by the CPU. In the sec ----more

Old paper box for furniture: almost zero cost creative …

Rent: 24,000 yuan / year decoration: 5000 yuan tools: 3,000 yuan registered company and other miscellaneous fees: 2000 yuan working capital: 10,000 yuan total: 4 4 0 0 0 yuan Interview location: An office in Wulihe, Heping District Concerned about the project: Waste Paper Home Design Office Oper ----more

Digital Printing: Opportunities and Challenges for Publ…

Short-run printing, digital printing, cloud printing, on-demand publishing, custom publishing, and more. New technologies, new ideas, and new operating models are emerging one after another. Is traditional paper-based publishing facing new challenges and new challenges? If it is from the small envir ----more

Beautiful metal foil pendant production

Beautiful metal foil ornaments Handmade materials: fine punch, foil, ribbon , colored pen, blunt pencil or ballpoint pen, tape The sponge paper is cut into small squares, rectangles, triangles, and circles. Wrap the tin foil on the sponge paper. Draw some patterns on ti ----more

Masquerade mask DIY

Handmade materials: colored feathers , sequins , colored pens, tape, scissors, cardboard, bamboo sticks (bamboo for barbecue) We have so many materials to make Outdoor Banners , such as Vinyl Banners , PVC Banners , Canvas Banners , tarpaulin banners , PE banne ----more

Carton production line equipment management system

With the development of the carton industry, the carton industry will also introduce equipment management systems. The "equipment management system" is an enterprise management software that uses the computer to handle various equipment management tasks after the industrial enterprise ma ----more