Application of blasting machine in packaging industry

Application of blasting machine in packaging industry The blasting machine is widely used in the packaging industry and is an indispensable instrument for packaging manufacturers. It is very popular among manufacturers. Dongguan Haida Instrument specializes in the production and research and deve ----more

The principle of preservation of vacuum packaging machi…

An important part of the vacuum packaging machine is oxygen removal. The main function of using vacuum packaging is to remove oxygen, so as to help prevent food spoilage, and the principle is relatively simple. The deterioration of food is mainly caused by microbial activities, and the survival of ----more

Spring emergency hydrating skin care tips

While helping the skin to replenish moisture, it also locks in the moisture of the skin, leaving the skin moist and full throughout the day. This is the most meaningful hydration, so MM wants to achieve this goal, it must be all-weather moisturizing, Moisturizing and hydrating in many aspects can m ----more

Vacuum packaging concept

Vacuum packaging concept The vacuum packaging packs the food into the packaging bag, draws out the air inside the packaging bag, and reaches the predetermined vacuum level, and completes the sealing process. Vacuum inflating and packaging The food is packed in a packaging bag, the air in the pack ----more

Screw hole to see the thickness of the sticker to choos…

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe is generally customized according to the structure of the room, which can save space to the utmost. Consumers often do not pay attention to lighting when selecting wardrobes in the store. Professionals have revealed that the wardrobes in the store ----more

The home market staged "step by step startling&quo…

Spend the last half of your savings to buy a house with a heart, and the next step is to decorate. The process of decoration is painful and long for many people. Many people say that they have to install a house and a layer of skin. Despite careful and careful care, the home market is still full of ----more

Foam lunch box waste utilization manual

Very beautiful love seal Handmade materials: foam lunch boxes, love molds, pigments Find sticky hands, wall crawlers, various sticky balls and stretchy items in fun colors and styles for every event. Get this creepy, crawly, colorful variety of sticky crit ----more