KGT-1000 Volumetric Instruction Manual

Weight Tester (Wheat Weight Tester, Corn Weight Tester) Wheat Weight Tester Weight Tester @Jinan Kexiang Experimental Instrument Co., Ltd. Product Introduction: KGT-1000 series weight tester is a special instrument for evaluating food grade. The KGT-1000 type weighing device is suitable for the de ----more

Laboratory Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer

The SK-100 series laboratory ammonia nitrogen automatic analyzer is based on the principle of the National Environmental Protection Administration-ammonia nitrogen test standard analysis method "Nessler's reagent colorimetry" principle, combined with the latest technology development ----more

Screen printing ink color matching technology applicati…

Adjustment of ink printing suitability. Generally, the viscosity of the screen printing ink is slightly higher. The user should use the appropriate solvent, thinner, surface according to the characteristics of the printed image, the screen mesh number, the printing speed, the workshop temperature, ----more

The entry into force of the Philippine Biofuels Law is …

According to the "Philippine Daily Inquiry" and "Philippine Star", one of the major domestic newspapers in the Philippines, in November and December 2006, it was reported that in the early hours of November 24, the Philippine landmark biofuel law is going up and down. The bicam ----more

Instruction Manual of Human Protein C (PC) ELISA Kit

Instruction Manual of Human Protein C (PC) ELISA Kit This kit is for research use only. Drug Name: Generic name: Human Protein C (PC) ELISA Kit purpose of usage: This kit is used to determine the content of protein C (PC) in human serum, plasma, or other tissue fluids. Experimental principle ----more

An Analysis of the Causes of Poor Ink Dropping in Newsp…

In recent years, newspapers have become thicker and thicker, and more colors have been printed. Newspaper competition has become more and more fierce. Improving timeliness and printing quality have become two key factors in newspaper competition. There are many factors that affect the printing tim ----more

High-strength non-woven fabric

High-strength non-woven fabric laminated non-woven fabric, which has thermoplastic synthetic long fibers with a fiber diameter of 7-20 μm as upper and lower layers, and thermoplastic synthetic fine fibers with a fiber diameter of less than 5 μm as an intermediate layer, and each layer is inte ----more