2011 autumn and winter show Gothic style prevails

2011 Chanel autumn and winter high-end ready-to-wear conference was held in Guangzhou on the same day. At the press conference, Zhou Xun and Yan were stunningly unveiled. The stunning supermodel and actress who shape the interpretation of the Gothic style multi-faceted situation. Hard and Gothic s ----more

Let the hormones balance to find health and beauty

Every day, we face a lot of women. From their faces and postures, there are individual differences that cannot be ignored. Some people are young but face tired and premature, while others look younger than the actual age. year old. What makes all this difference is a mysterious hand hidden in your ----more

Kinds of cleaning fluids

123 Cleaner is a daily PS plate cleaner and scratch remover. It contains a special solvent that quickly removes residual ink, effectively cleans the plate, and provides superior scratch removal. As a lotion-like cleaning solution, it does not contain abrasives. Advantages: Applicable to all kinds ----more

Sisley plant star eye shadow combination moisturizing s…

Sisley's Star Eyeshadow combination is packaged in a black chrome shell and is complemented by four eye shadows that can be arbitrarily matched, soft and radiant. The ultra-fine talc powder is wrapped in silicone to give the eye a softer, smoother feel. The lily essence contained in the eye sha ----more

How to choose eyebrow products?

Like the lips, the eyebrows are also the most eye-catching part of the face. In many beauty items, concealer, mascara, blush, lip gloss and eyebrow powder/eyebrow pencil are the most basic. Not only does the proper emphasis on the eyebrows make you look more spiritual, but it also modifies the face ----more

The Great History of Motivating Dolls: From Barbie to S…

This article will tell you a brief history of the development of several major categories of movable doll toys, from Barbie , Special Forces, Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Regenerative and Dark Knights. I hope the industry can gain some useful experience from the experience of foreign ----more

How to maintain moist lips

In order to have a tender and charming lips , in addition to daily maintenance, regular care is also essential. Here are some tips for how to maintain your lips. Moisturizing lip The lip exfoliation expert said that the skin thickness of the lips is only one-third of the face. Is it not necessary ----more