Gravure rotary printing press with additional cold iron…

CN`2573218Y The gravure web press has a cold laminating device in which a pre-printed cold-flux adhesive has a preprinted path through which a high-pressure adhesive assembly and an ultraviolet ray drying device are arranged, and the work spool and the high-pressure adhesive component of the anod ----more

Round gravure ink printer

CN2555 153Y The round intaglio ink printer is mainly composed of a base, a worktable, a plastic head movement mechanism, a gravure and a gravure inking mechanism. The structural feature of the printer is that the ink inking mechanism is composed of an ink fountain, an ink fountain fixing pin, and ----more

CorelDraw printed rubber output points analysis

Learn more about some of the CorelDraw printouts' notes and can easily avoid many hassles... First, the font problem 1 Some font library description methods are different. Overlapped parts of the strokes will appear out of the stack. Be careful! 2 Paragraph texts containing special characte ----more

Xerox pushes the iGen3110 digital press

On March 8, 2005, Xerox announced the iGen3 110 digital press. It prints faster and has more features than iGen3 - providing more flexibility for professional printers and increasing the productivity of complex jobs. Compared to iGen3, the iGen3 110 digital press has a 10% to 20% faster print spe ----more

SIG Alfa Launches Latest New Rotary Labeler

Recently, SIG Alfa introduced the latest rotary labeler, which overcomes the traditional limitations of mechanical and electronic technology. The servo motor guided by the PacDrive software system can guarantee the control of the rotation and achieve a very high accuracy. A typical labeler on the ----more

Quality Management System for Printing Information

After China's accession to the WTO, the fields of book publishing, printing and distribution that have been protected for many years have gradually become fierce and cruel. Every printer, regardless of its nature or scale, faces the same opportunities and difficulties. In order to adapt to str ----more